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CraneBoard ARM-based Development Board

The CraneBoard is a low-cost ARM-based development board. The open source printed circuit board (PCB) isbased on Texas Instruments’ (TI) AM35x Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor (MPU). The CraneBoard features Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Controller Area Network (CAN) bus interfaces. Both the PoE and CAN interfaces can be used in industrial applications such as human machine interface (HMI), and CAN is also suitable for automotive applications. The CraneBoard is available for at $199 from Mistral and DigiKey.

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Mistral UART and CAN Daughter Cards for TI Sitara AM1x, OMAP-L1x EVM

Mistral introduced UART and CAN daughter cards for Texas Instruments (TI) evaluation modules (EVMs) based on TI’s Sitara AM1x microprocessors (MPUs) and OMAP-L1x application processors for embedded industrial, medical and consumer designs. The UART daughter card has interfaces for soft UART, hard UART, and soft DIR. The CAN daughter card features soft CAN and hard CAN bus interfaces. The Mistral plug-in daughter cards help developers leverage the benefits of the PRU features on the AM1x and OMAP-L1x processors.

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TI WiLink 6.0 Wireless Solution on OMAP35x Evaluation Module

Texas Instruments announced the availability of the WiLink 6.0 (WL1271) solution on the OMAP35x processor Evaluation Module (EVM). The TI WiLink enables engineers to incorporate wireless connectivity technology into portable embedded systems. The WL1271 solution features pre-integration and optimization that lower design barriers for applications, reduce development time, and open a new range of use cases. The WiLink 6.0 wireless solution is currrently shipping in the OMAP35x EVM.

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