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Embest SAM9G45 ARM9 Board

The Embest SAM9G45 ARM9 Board is a full-featured evaluation board based on the ATMEL AT91SAM9G45 processor. The SAM9G45 board features USB host, USB device, 10/100Mb Ethernet, SD/MMC, Micro SD, TFT LCD, User extension interfaces, four key buttons, and IIS Audio Input/Output Jack. The board supports Linux, WinCE and Android OS.

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Atmel Xplain Evaluation Kit for AVR XMEGA Microcontrollers

Atmel launched the Xplain evaluation kit for their AVR XMEGA microcontroller family. The kit helps engineers evaluate features and system performance of Atmel’s XMEGA at a minimum hardware cost. The kit is powered through a mini USB connector where end-users can develop their own applications on XMEGA using Xplain. The Xplain evaluation kit for the AVR XMEGA microcontroller family has a suggested resale price of $29 (USD).

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