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Ethernet Direct RWM-824 Ethernet Module

Ethernet Direct introduced the RWM-824 Ethernet I/O module. The RWM-824 features a built-in web server that provides eight isolated open collector (source type) output and eight isolated wet contact (sink, source type) digital input channels. Each output channel supports 300mA current driving @ 10 to 40VDC and each digital input channel supports counter input (32 bits and 500Hz max).

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Ethernet Direct Rhino-100E Network Appliance

Ethernet Direct introduced the Rhino-100E embedded system for industrial automation. The embedded computer features the Intel Pentium M or Celeron M processor, 400 MHz FSB, DDR2 400 memory (up to 2 GB), three RS-232 ports, one RS-232/422/485 port, one PCI expansion slot, a compact flash socket, 2.5″ HDD drive bay, aluminum chassis, and ATX power supply. The Rhino-100E industrial network appliance supports a wide range of power input from (16 to 30VDC). The fanless Rhino-100E is ideal for POS systems, kiosks, and embedded gaming computers.

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Ethernet Direct Falcon FWI-705 Wireless Ceiling Access Point

Ethernet Direct rolled out the Falcon FWI-705 industrial 2.4GHz wireless ceiling access point. The FWI-705 links two or more separate networks to create a single expanded LAN network cost effectively and efficiently. A built-in 4dBi directional antenna is included for flexibility in installation. The Falcon FWI-705 supports three different operation modes: Access Point, Repeater, and AP + WDS. The wireless ceiling access point features WEP encryption and WAP function. The Ethernet Direct FWI-705 is ideal for industrial applications.

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