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Microchip Debuts RN-131, RN-171 PICtail/PICtail Plus Daughter Boards

Microchip Technology RN-131 and RN-171 PICtail/PICtail Plus daughter boards

Microchip Technology launched the RN-131 and RN-171 PICtail/PICtail Plus daughter boards. The new modules are based on Roving Networks modules. The Microchip modules use a simple serial interface to connect with any PIC microcontroller. The RN-131 PICtail Daughter Board and RN-171 PICtail Daughter Board are available now. The RN-131 is priced at $44.95 each, and the RN-171 PICtail Daughter Board is priced at $39.95 each.

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Microchip Wi-Fi Comm Demo Board Features 32-bit PIC32 Microcontroller

Microchip Technology introduced their Wi-Fi Comm Demo Board. The new product features a Microchip 32-bit PIC32 microcontroller and a low-power MRF24WB0MA agency-certified, IEEE 802.11, embedded Wi-Fi radio transceiver module. The demo board makes it easy to evaluate and integrate the combination of Microchip’s Wi-Fi solutions and 32-bit MCUs in one compact and cost-effective package. Microchip’s Wi-Fi Comm Demo Board is available now for $49.

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