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ADLINK Technology Introduces CoreModule1-86DX2 Single Board Computer

ADLINK Technology CoreModule1-86DX2 single board computer

ADLINK Technology introduced the CoreModule1-86DX2 single board computer. The PC/104 SBC two Ethernet ports, four serial ports, three USB ports, eight A/D inputs, eight GPIOs, and PS/2 connectors for keyboard and mouse. The CoreModule1-86DX2 is ideal for control applications that require power efficiency, small form factor design, longevity, and industrial grade ruggedness.

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Logic Supply Introduces LGX AU970 Rugged Computer

LGX AU970 Rugged Computer rear

Logic Supply introduced the LGX AU970 Intel Core Fanless Computer. The LGX AU970 features a dual- or quad-core third-generation (Ivy Bridge mobile) Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU, QM77 chipset, and up to 16 GB dual-channel 1333 DDR3 memory. The computer is ideal for demanding industrial applications like high-end automation, data collection and surveillance.

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White Paper: Fanless Design for Embedded Applications

Intel sent us a technical paper about fanless design for embedded applications. Here is the abstract:

Embedded systems opportunities for Intel architecture components exist in point-of-sale, digital signage, and digital security surveillance, to name a few. When selecting Intel architecture, several key metrics are performance/watt, thermal design power (TDP), and fanless thermal solutions. The objective of this article is to provide readers with key reference fanless system design considerations to utilize in embedded applications. This article emphasizes analytical hand calculation for first-order approximations and provides computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation techniques to determine Intel architecture feasibility in fanless systems. Examples depicted illustrate fanless cooling design considerations for a point-of-sale system.

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VIA Vision Intelligence Display Touch Screens for Embedded Systems

VIA Technologies introduced the VIA VID series of industrial-class touch screen displays. VIA VID Series displays are available in both ruggedized and open frame configurations. All ruggedized configurations feature IP65 water resistance compliancy and operating temperatures of -10°C to 70°. The TFT LCD panels are ideal for interactive kiosk, POI and POS embedded systems in harsh industrial environments. VIA VID series displays are available now in 15″ and 12.1″ form factors. Later this year, 19″, 10.4″ and 7″ sizes will also be available.

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