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Elma Bustronic 6U VPX Load Board

Elma Bustronic introduced their new 6U VPX Load Board. The load board is designed to be compliant with ANSI/VITA mechanical and electrical connection standards. The Elma Bustronic VPX load board helps confirm the chassis meets the VITA 46/48 power specifications for VPX and aids in locating hot spots within the enclosure. The 6U VPX load card features a microcontroller-based stepped load control to 100W maximum. Go-No-Go indicators are present for 3.3V, 5V, 12V, +12V_Aux, -12V_Aux and 3.3V_Aux.

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Elma Bustronic VPX Test Backplane

Elma Bustronic announced a 2-slot test backplane for VPX board developers and integrators. The Elma Bustronic 2-slot test backplane meets the latest VITA 46 specifications. The backplane allows the user to power up and test their J1 fabric connections as they would be interconnected in the target application. Lead-time of 4-6 weeks ARO.

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