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DSM Computer Introduces Infinity I4 Industrial Computer

DSM Computer Infinity I4 rear view

DSM Computer introduced the 19″ Infinity I4 industrial computer. The 4-U height Infinity I4 is available in three different models. It features an industrial ATX motherboard with either PICMG 1.0 or PICMG 1.3. A total of seven slots are available for expansion cards: three PCI Express slots and four PCI slots. The Infinity I4 system is ideal for applications that run in harsh environments, e.g. in automation.

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DSM Computer Introduces NanoServer N2-QM67 Embedded System

DSM Computer NanoServer N2-QM67

DSM Computer introduced the NanoServer N2-QM67. The embedded system features the Intel QM67 energy-saving mobile chipset, up to 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, two fast USB 3.0 ports, eight USB 2.0 (4 x external, 4 x internal), four serial ports (3 x RS232, 1 x RS232/422/485), Serial ATA for two SATA II 600 and four SATA II 300 devices (RAID 0, 1, 0+1,5). The two 1000 Base-T LAN interfaces can be augmented with Wireless LAN 802.11 on request.

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DSM Computer Introduces Galaxy G4-QM57 Control Cabinet PC

DSM Computer Galaxy G4-QM57 control cabinet PC

DSM Computer introduced the Galaxy G4-QM57 control cabinet PC. The Galaxy G4-QM57 features the Intel Core i7-620M, Intel Core i5-520M, or Intel Celeron P4500 Dual Core processor. The robust control cabinet PC includes 4 GB DDR3 RAM main memory (up to 8GB), ten USB 2.0 ports (eight external and two internal), a serial RS232 port, HD audio and two fast GigaBit LAN interfaces. The DSM Galaxy G4-QM57 control cabinet PC is designed for harsh industrial environments.

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DSM Computer Introduces ARCTIS A1-QM67 Embedded System

DSM Computer introduced the ARCTIS A1-QM67 embedded system. The A1-QM67 features up to 8 GB of memory, eight USB 2.0 connections (four external, four internal), two external USB 3.0 connections, four serial ports (three RS232, one RS232/RS422/RS485), two GigaBit LAN sockets, and internal serial ATA for two SATA III and four SATA II devices. The DSM ARCTIS A1-QM67 is designed for operation in dusty environments.

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DSM 96M1574, 96M15801, and 96M1584E Infinity Industrial Computers

DSM Computer introduced three Infinity Industrial Computer: 96M1574, 96M15801, and 96M1584E. The new Infinity computers are based on DSM’s 96M4371o single board computer, which features an Intel Core processor and the energy-saving Intel QM57 mobile chipset. The robust 4 U and 2 U Infinity industrial PCs are housed in a solid, high-quality rack and can be fitted in 19-inch cabinets.

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DSM 96M4361o Single Board Computer

DSM Computer introduced their 96M4361o single board computer. The PICMG 1.3 industrial SBC supports the second generation Intel Core processors. The DSM 6M4361o slot CPU board features the Intel Q67 chipset, two DIMM slots for DDR3 1333/1066 memory modules (up of 8GB), internal DVI-D and 24 bit dual channel LVDS, dual GigaBit LAN interfaces, Mini PCI Express x1 slot, SATA interface, parallel and serial interfaces, 14 USB 2.0 Ports, four GPI, four GPO and HD audio.

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DSM Infinity 96M1594-ATXQ67 Industrial Computer

DSM Computer introduced their Infinity 96M1594-ATXQ67 19-inch industrial computer. The Infinity 96M1594-ATXQ67 supports the second generation Intel Core processor with four or two cores. It features an industrial ATX motherboard, Intel Q67 chipset, four DIMM slots (up to 32 GB), twelve external and two internal USB 2.0 ports, dual GigaBit LAN, two PS/2, two COM, audio, DVI-I and display port.

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DSM Computer 96M4371o Single Board Computer

DSM Computer announced the 96M4371o single board computer. The 96M4371o SBC features Intel Core i7-620M / i5-520M / Celeron P4500 processor, Intel QM57 mobile chipset, two DIMM slots (up to 8GB pf DDR3 1066/800 memory), dual GigaBit LAN interfaces, DVI interface, four PCI and four PCI Express x1 interfaces, PCI Express x16 interface, eight USB 2.0 ports, eight GPIO, HD audio, and SATA interface.

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DSM Infinity 96M1595 Industrial Computer

DSM Computer announced their new Infinity 96M1595 industrial computer. The 19-inch computer features an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor or i5 dual-core processor, Intel Q57 chipset, industrial ATX mainboard, up to 16 GB main memory, 14 USB 2.0 connections, dual GigaBit LAN, two PS/2 connections, VGA, DVI-D, audio, six SATA II interfaces, IDE for two enhanced IDE drives and an internal CompactFlash socket.

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DSM Computer H1-A DIN Rail Mounted PC

DSM Computer introduced the H1-A DIN rail-mounted PC. The industrial computer features a Qseven module, two fast GigaBit LAN, two USB 2.0 outputs, and a serial RS232 port. A second RS232 interface is available instead of the VGA interface. The embedded system is only 7 MW (122 mm) wide. The H1-A DIN rail PC is ideal for gateway and communications computer, web server or distributed control unit for industrial applications like building automation, smart metering, electro-mobility, plant control and in cloud computing.

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