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New Texas Instruments DRV8x Integrated Motor Drivers

Texas Instruments announced eight new devices for their DRV8x motor driver family. The new TI motor drivers are DRV8813, DRV8825, DRV8829, DRV8814, DRV8840, DRV8841, DRV8842, and DRV8843. The new DRV8x motor drivers feature RDSon as low as 100 milliohms and microstepping options up to 256 microsteps and greater with an external microcontroller or up to 32 microsteps with an on-chip indexer. The DRV8825 DRV8x motor driver is priced at $2.40 (1,000 unit quantities). The other seven new drivers are priced at $2.25 (1,000-unit). The eight new devices are available now in a 9.7 mm x 6.4 mm HTSSOP package.

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