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Microchip Multimedia Expansion Board, mTouch Cap Touch Evaluation Kit

Microchip Technology introduced the Multimedia Expansion Board and enhanced mTouch Cap Touch Evaluation Kit. The Multimedia Expansion Board enables development of highly interactive, graphics-based interfaces with network connectivity. The enhanced mTouch Cap Touch Evaluation Kit adds a new board for implementing capacitive touch sensing with the PIC32. The Multimedia Expansion Board (part # DM320005, $249.99) and the enhanced mTouch Cap Touch Evaluation Kit (part # DM183026-2, $99.95) are both available now.

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GEMexpress Universal TFT/OLED Display Driver Board

Amulet Technologies introduced the GEMexpress universal TFT/OLED display driver board. According to Amulet Technologies, the GEMexpress is the fastest, most inexpensive production solution for adding a GUI to an embedded product. GEMexpress can interface to virtually any display, allowing for greater design flexibility, and a shorter time to market. The board targets small to medium size OEMs integrating GUIs to any embedded product. GEMexpress display driver boards are available now for $110 USD.

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Embedded DisplayPort Standard Version 1.1a

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) updated the Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) Standard, which is a companion standard to DisplayPort Version 1.1a. The new eDP version provides an updated definition of requirements and options for the standard panel interface in embedded display applications. The eDP Standard defines a particular set of DisplayPort features to be used in embedded applications including notebook PCs and all-in-one PCs.

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