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Microchip Technology Debuts dsPIC33FJ32MC104 Digital Signal Controllers

Microchip Technology dsPIC33FJ32MC104 family of 16-Bit Digital Signal Controllers

Microchip Technology launched the dsPIC33FJ32MC104 family of 16-Bit Digital Signal Controllers. The dsPIC33FJ32MC101, dsPIC33FJ32GP101 and PIC24FJ32MC101 devices are available in 20-pin SOIC and PDIP packages. The dsPIC33FJ32MC102, dsPIC33FJ32GP102 and PIC24FJ32MC102 devices are offered in 28-pin SOIC, SSOP, QFN packages, as well as a 36-pin VTLA package. The dsPIC33FJ32MC104, dsPIC33FJ32GP104 and PIC24FJ32MC104 are offered in 44-pin TQFP, VTLA, and QFN packages. All the devices are available now for sampling and volume production. Prices start at $1.71 each (10,000-unit quantities).

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Microchip dsPIC33E Digital Signal Controllers, PIC24E Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology rolled out 60 MIPS 16-bit dsPIC33E Digital Signal Controllers and PIC24E microcontrollers. The new DSCs and MCUs are based on the dsPIC DSC/PIC24 MCU core. They feature larger (536 KB) Flash memory, more RAM (52 KB), greater I/O capability with 144-pin packages, a USB 2.0 OTG interface, and expanded motor-control, graphics, audio, and real-time embedded-control capabilities (compared to the previous-generation dsPIC DSC/PIC24 MCU core). The dsPIC33E DSCs and PIC24E MCUs are available in 64-pin QFN and TQFP packages, 100- and 144-pin TQFP, 121-pin BGA, and 144-pin LQFP packages. Pricing starts at $4.98 each (10,000-unit quantities).

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Microchip dsPIC33F GS 16-bit dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers

The Microchip dsPIC33F GS 16-bit dsPIC digital signal controllers (DSC) can be configured for a variety of topologies. The eight new DSCs offer up to 18 channels of Pulse-Width-Modulators (PWMs) with 1 nanosecond resolution, enabling a number of completely independent digital control loops. The dsPIC33F GS DSCs start at $2.93 each in 10,000-unit quantities. The dsPIC33FJ32GS406, dsPIC33FJ64GS406, dsPIC33FJ32GS606 and dsPIC33FJ64GS606 are available in 64-pin TQFP and 9×9 mm QFN packages. The dsPIC33FJ32GS608 and dsPIC33FJ64GS608 are available in an 80-pin TQFP package. The dsPIC33FJ32GS610 and dsPIC33FJ64GS610 are available in a 100-pin TQFP package.

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Microchip High-Temperature Portfolio for AEC-Q100 Grade 0

Microchip Technology introduced a portfolio of semiconductors specified for operation up to 150° C ambient — including 8- and 16-bit PIC microcontrollers (MCUs) and dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs), serial EEPROM devices, and analog products. Qualified and tested in accordance with AEC-Q100 Grade 0 requirements, the devices are optimum for under-the-hood automotive applications; extreme-environment industrial applications, such as down-hole oil drilling and lighting; and for medical applications such as devices that are sterilized in autoclaves. Engineers can now add intelligence directly into high-temperature applications, where the silicon can be mounted directly onto high-temperature assemblies.

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