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Microchip Digital LED Lighting Development Kit

Microchip Technology introduced their Digital LED Lighting Development Kit. The Digital LED Lighting Development Kit enables engineers to develop LED lighting products with a dsPIC33 GS Digital Signal Controller (DSC). Designers can create a 100% digitally controlled ballast function while including features like dimming and color hue control. Complete documentation for Microchip’s Digital LED Lighting Development Kit, including software and Gerber files, can be downloaded for free.

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Microchip DC/DC Converter Reference Designs

Microchip Technology introduced the Quarter Brick DC/DC Converter Reference Design and DC/DC LLC Converter Reference Design. The reference designs feature intelligent control of the power converter and serial system communication, remote control and monitoring, and full fault protection. The reference designs are implemented using Microchip’s dsPIC33F GS digital-power Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs), which provide fully digital control of the power-conversion and system-management functions. The DC/DC Reference Designs (software, Gerber files, MATLAB models, Webinars and application notes) can be downloaded for free.

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Microchip dsPIC33F GS 16-bit dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers

The Microchip dsPIC33F GS 16-bit dsPIC digital signal controllers (DSC) can be configured for a variety of topologies. The eight new DSCs offer up to 18 channels of Pulse-Width-Modulators (PWMs) with 1 nanosecond resolution, enabling a number of completely independent digital control loops. The dsPIC33F GS DSCs start at $2.93 each in 10,000-unit quantities. The dsPIC33FJ32GS406, dsPIC33FJ64GS406, dsPIC33FJ32GS606 and dsPIC33FJ64GS606 are available in 64-pin TQFP and 9×9 mm QFN packages. The dsPIC33FJ32GS608 and dsPIC33FJ64GS608 are available in an 80-pin TQFP package. The dsPIC33FJ32GS610 and dsPIC33FJ64GS610 are available in a 100-pin TQFP package.

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