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TI TMS320DM8168 and TMS320DM8148 DaVinci Digital Media Processors

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the TMS320DM8168 and TMS320DM8148 DaVinci digital media processors. The high-performance DM8168 DaVinci digital media processor supports up to three simultaneous 1080p60 frames per second (fps) video streams, 12 simultaneous 720p30 fps video streams or a combination of lower resolution streams. The lower-power DM8148 DaVinci digital media processor offers a 1080p60 fps video stream, three simultaneous 720p30 fps video streams or multiple lower resolution streams at 3 watts. The DM8168 is sampling today with production prices starting at $75 per 1ku. The DM8148 will start sampling in 3Q2011. Production pricing starts at $51 per 1ku.

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Texas Instruments TMS320DM368 DaVinci Video Processor

Texas Instruments introduced the TMS320DM368 DaVinci video processor. The TI DaVinci TMS320DM368 supports full HD 1080p H.264 encoding. The DM368 is ideal for HD video cameras, real-time digital video recorders (DVRs), HD video communications systems, and digital signage. The TMS320DM368 DaVinci video processor is available for sampling and is priced at USD $29 in 1,000 unit quantities (1ku).

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Texas Instruments TMS320DM8168 DaVinci Video System on Chip

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the new TMS320DM8168 DaVinci video system-on-chip (SoC). The DM8168 consolidates all of the capture, compression, display and control functionalities of a high definition (HD), multi-channel system on a single chip. The DaVinci video SoC features a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 and a 1 GHz TI C674x digital signal processor (DSP) core. The DM8168 reduces system electronic bill of materials (eBOM) costs by 50%. It replaces the functionality of over 10 discrete components. The DM8168 DaVinci video SoC will begin sampling in the second quarter.

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