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GE Intelligent Platforms Introduces CRS-C2I-3VB1 COTS Rugged System

GE Intelligent Platforms CRS-C2I-3VB1 COTS Rugged System (CRS)

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the CRS-C2I-3VB1 embedded system. The COTS Rugged System (CRS) is designed to reduce program risk, cost and time-to-market. The application-ready CRS-C2I-3VB1 is ideal for civilian and military unmanned vehicles, manned commercial and military aircraft, helicopters, over- and underwater research vessels, ground vehicles, locomotives and oil and gas applications.

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GE CRS-C2P-3CC1 and CRS-C3P-3CB1 Embedded Systems

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the CRS-C2P-3CC1 and CRS-C3P-3CB1 off-the-shelf embedded systems for military vehicles. The CRS-C2P-3CC1 and CRS-C3P-3CB1 feature Freescale-based single board computer, VxWorks real-time operating system, 512Mbytes of RAM, 256MB of Flash memory, Ethernet, serial, USB, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, and discrete I/O. The CompactPCI-based computer systems are ideal for UAVs, manned and unmanned ground vehicles and launch vehicles.

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Chassis Plans M2U-20A Rugged COTS Plus Rackmount Computer System

Chassis Plans announced the M2U-20A rugged COTS Plus rackmount computer system. The M2U-20A is designed for high shock and vibration environments found in military applications and includes unique features to assure survival in the harshest environments. The system is optimized for installation in transit cases or for mobile installations such as aircraft or vehicular. The M2U-20A is designed to meet 901D in a shock isolated rack and Mil-Std-810G for survival in high-G applications. The M2U-20A is currently shipping in production quantities.

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Wind River VxWorks DO-178B Platform for Aerospace and Defense Systems

Wind River and Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing introduced the latest VxWorks DO-178B Platform, which is designed to meet the stringent safety certification requirements of the aerospace and defense industry. The new release of VxWorks DO-178B includes complete DO-178B Level A certification evidence for a reference board support package (BSP) for the SVME/DMV-183 single board computer and additional processor support for Intel Core 2 Duo IA-32 and Power Architecture e600 cores.

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Wind River and PrismTech Software Defined Radio Solution

Wind River teamed with PrismTech to develop a high-performance software defined radio (SDR) solution for the military and public sectors. According to testing conducted by PrismTech, the combined SDR solution has demonstrated breakthrough performance on multiple processors from Freescale and Intel, including round trip times of less than 10 seconds to power up, initialize the platform, load waveform components, unload waveform components, and shut down the radio. The Wind River and PrismTech SDR solution is immediately available to customers worldwide.

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