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Energy Micro 32-bit EFM32 Gecko Microcontroller Family

Energy Micro introduced their 32-bit EFM32 Gecko microcontroller family. Based on the ARM Cortex(TM)-M3 microcontroller architecture, the EFM32G has been proven to extend battery life by a factor of four, consuming a quarter of the energy required by existing 8, 16 ,or 32-bit microcontrollers. The first products are being offered by Energy Micro in QFN64 and BGA112 profiles and are currently sampling with lead customers. Pricing for the initial 32-pin devices starts at $1.55 in 100k quantities.

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Micrium uC/OS-MPU Add-on

Micrium launched the µC/OS-MPU (Memory Protection Unit), which is an enhancement of uC/OS-II. The add-on is designed to protect the uC/OS-II internal memory from task memory areas. µC/OS-MPU introduces processes with a dedicated memory context. Each process, which can have one or more tasks assigned, is protected against memory corruption by other components. Shared memory regions can be created and assigned to different processes.

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