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Distec Launches ArtistaGUI Human Machine Interface Controller

Distec ArtistaGUI human-machine-interface (HMI) controller

Distec launched their new ArtistaGUI human machine interface (HMI) controller. The ArtistaGUI graphic controller enables simple machine controls with a graphical user interface and touchscreen without substantial modifications to the control electronics. Programming of the GUI is carried out with a WYSIWYG Interface Designer and the QT-Quick scripting language. The communication protocol is the robust and in-field proven Modbus-RTU.

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STMicroelectronics Intelligent Power Modules

STMicroelectronics introduced the STGIPS10K60A, STGIPS14K60, STGIPL14K60, and the STGIPS20K60 intelligent power modules for AC motor drive applications. The new IPMs integrate control functions, IGBT switches, and value-added features to enable smaller, more reliable, and lower-cost control units. All devices are available in full production. The STGIPS10K60A is priced at $5.60 in quantities of 25,000 units.

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ADLINK MNET-4XMO Distributed Motion and I/O Solutions

ADLINK Technology introduced the MNET-4XMO series of distributed motion and I/O solutions. The MNET-4XMO provide motion control of up to 256 axes and I/O control of up to 2,016 control points through the integration of dedicated and time-deterministic motion & I/O field buses: Motionnet and High Speed Link (HSL). ADLINK’s distributed machine automation solutions are specifically design to significantly decrease wiring and assembling cost by providing cost-effective motion control and ample I/O. Engineers will benefit from the combination of high-performance motion control and the fast 1 ms response time of the I/O modules.

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