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Chassis Plans ATXW-5520 Dual Six-Core Xeon E5600 Industrial Motherboard

Chassis Plans announced the ATXW-5520 rugged rackmount system. The ATXW-5520 long life industrial server board features two Xeon 5600 series processors at 2.4GHz, twelve memory slots (up to 144GB of DDR3-1333 memory), PCI Express 2.0, and the Intel 5520 chipset. The Westmere-EP processors also provide an Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) built in for direct system memory connections leading to a six-fold increase in effective memory bandwidth. The board has a long life availability of 5 to 7 years.

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Chassis Plans M2U-20A Rugged COTS Plus Rackmount Computer System

Chassis Plans announced the M2U-20A rugged COTS Plus rackmount computer system. The M2U-20A is designed for high shock and vibration environments found in military applications and includes unique features to assure survival in the harshest environments. The system is optimized for installation in transit cases or for mobile installations such as aircraft or vehicular. The M2U-20A is designed to meet 901D in a shock isolated rack and Mil-Std-810G for survival in high-G applications. The M2U-20A is currently shipping in production quantities.

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Chassis Plans CCX-17 and CCX-19 Rackmount LCD Keyboard Drawers

Chassis Plans rolled out the CCX-17 and CCX-19 Military Grade 1U Rackmount LCD Keyboard drawers. Three military grade Genesis LCD controllers are available providing a mix of features with aRGB VGA, DVI-D, DVI-D and video inputs. Picture-In-Picture is supported in one of the controllers. The controllers are conformal coated for environmental and shock/vibration protection and support operating temperatures of -40 to +80 Deg C. The CCX-17 and CCX-19 LCD keyboard drawers are currently shipping in production quantities.

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