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NEC Electronics Introduces EC-4260 and EC-4250 System-on-Chips

NEC Electronics introduced the EC-4260 (NaviEngine-MID) and EC-4250 (NaviEngine-mini) system-on-chips (SoCs) for use in automotive infotainment systems. The EC-4260 and EC-4250 devices have the performance, peripheral set, and software ecosystem to meet the demands of high-performance applications such as navigation, infotainment and telematics systems. The EC-4260 and EC-4250 are currently available for samples, priced per unit at US$140 and US$70 respectively. Mass production is estimated to begin in 2010 and is expected to reach 100,000 units per month by 2012.

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Renesas SH7777 SoC Devices for Car Navigation and Infotainment Systems

Renesas Technology America introduced the SH7777 (SH-NaviJ3) system-on-chip (SoC) device for compact portable navigation and infotainment systems and low- and mid-priced dashboard-mounted car navigation and infotainment systems. It speeds up development through OpenGL ES1.1 support and offers enhanced multimedia functions such as terrestrial digital TV broadcast support. The SH-NaviJ3 makes it possible for developers to create AV navigation and infotainment systems that combine low cost and compact size in less time. Sample shipments began in Japan this month. The SH7777 (R8A77770DA01BG) is available for $35 (440-pin BGA).

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