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Portwell CAR-4003 Network Communications Appliance

American Portwell Technology introduced the CAR-4003 1U network communications appliance. The CAR-4003 supports the quad-core Intel Xeon processor X3400, L3400 (formerly codenamed Lynnfield), Intel Core i5, and Core i3 (formerly codenamed Clarkdale) processors. The communications appliance features four DIMM slots with high speed 1333MHz dual-channel DDR3 ECC memory, dual x8 PCI Express Gen2 slot (8 GB/s bi-directional), two PCI-E x8 interface, fiber and copper port connections, 2×16 character LCD display module options, VGA pin-header, one 3.5″ or two 2.5″ Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive, and one on-board CompactFlash slot.

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