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Ambarella A7 SoC for Hybrid 1080p60 DV/DSC Cameras

Ambarella introduced the A7 system-on-chip (SoC) for advanced hybrid still and video cameras. The A7 delivers features 528-MHz ARM11 CPU, full HD 1080p60 or 4Mp30 H.264 video recording, high-speed 500Mpixels/second capture capability, smooth slow-motion replay, high dynamic range (HDR) processing, image stabilization, both DIS and EIS, and rolling shutter correction for CMOS sensors. The A7 can simultaneously encode a full HD stream while encoding a second stream for upload to the Internet or for streaming over WiFi. The Ambarella A7 SoC and hybrid camera reference design kit and SDK are available now.

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Summit SMB274 Programmable Driver for LensVector AutoFocus Devices

Summit Microelectronics announced the SMB274 programmable driver for the LensVector solid-state AutoFocus device. LensVector AutoFocus replaces the complex, bulky and often fragile mechanical autofocus mechanisms currently found in camera phones with a simple and easy-to-integrate solid-state component. The SMB274 is offered in a 1.34mm x 2.34mm, 15-ball WLCSP package. Samples and evaluation kits will be available later this quarter from Summit and LensVector.

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Ambarella A5s System-on-a-Chip for Pocket Sized Hybrid Cameras

Ambarella introduced the A5s system-on-a-chip (SoC) for pocket-sized hybrid cameras. The SoC incorporates a flexible, low-power processor with megapixel photography, HD, and internet video capture. The A5s SoC and evaluation kit are available now. Ambarella expects that full HD consumer hybrid cameras based on the A5s platform will be priced at or under the critical US $149 end-user price threshold in 2010.

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