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Texas Instruments C6A816x Integra DSP + ARM Processors

Texas Instruments (TI) launched the C6A816x Integra digital signal processor (DSP) + ARM processors. The DSP is dedicated for intensive signal processing, complex math functions and image processing algorithms, while the ARM is available for graphical user interfaces (GUIs), network connectivity, system control and application processing under multiple operating systems. The two new devices in the C6A816x Integra DSP + ARM generation are the C6A8168 and C6A8167 processors. The C6A816x Integra DSP + ARM processors are sampling now. Pricies starts at $46 per 1,000 units (1ku) for the C6A8167 Integra DSP+ ARM processor and $49 per 1ku for the C6A8168 Integra DSP + ARM processor.

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