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e-con Systems e-CAM33_USB Camera Module

e-con Systems introduced their e-CAM33_USB camera module. The e-CAM33_USB features 3.2 megapixel, autofocus pluggable camera, Omnivision OV3640 CMOS image sensor, built in microphone and an integrated ADC. The e-CAM33_USB camera module is fully compliant with USB Video Class (UVC) 1.0 Standard, the USB Audio Class 1.0 Standard and supports additional features like Autofocus, GPIO support through UVC extensions.

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Summit SMB274 Programmable Driver for LensVector AutoFocus Devices

Summit Microelectronics announced the SMB274 programmable driver for the LensVector solid-state AutoFocus device. LensVector AutoFocus replaces the complex, bulky and often fragile mechanical autofocus mechanisms currently found in camera phones with a simple and easy-to-integrate solid-state component. The SMB274 is offered in a 1.34mm x 2.34mm, 15-ball WLCSP package. Samples and evaluation kits will be available later this quarter from Summit and LensVector.

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