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Witech OK6410-CORE ARM11 Development Kit

The Witech OK6410 ARM11 development kit features the Samsung S3C6410 microprocessor (clocked to 667MHz), 256MB DDR ram, and 1GB NAND Flash. The OK6410-CORE targets industrial control equipments, vehicle navigation devices, multi-media terminal, and consumer electronic devices. The Witech OK6410 supports Embedded Linux, WindowsCE, Android, VxWorks, and uCos/II. An ARM11 SoM (System on Module) is connected to the OK6410 carrier board by a 320p gilded anti-oxidative connector. Once programmed, the SoM can be detached from the carrier board and inserted like a big chip into test beds, prototypes, and production units for OEM deployment.

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Sarnoff Acadia II Vision Processor for Embedded Systems

The Acadia Vision Processor II, from Sarnoff, is a system-on-a-chip (SoC) with real-time, portable, and low power consumption for embedded systems, vision processing, and control. Acadia II features an integrated ARM11 MPCore, small form factor, and low power. The SoC performs real-time contrast enhancement, stabilization, multi-sensor fusion, and tracking. Acadia II is ideal for portable and wearable vision systems, security and surveillance platforms, manned and unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, border and perimeter protection, and vision-aided GPS-denied navigation.

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