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STMicroelectronics BAL-2593D5U, BAL-2690D3U ICs for Bluetooth Designs

The BAL-2593D5U and BAL-2690D3U ICs, from STMicroelectronics, enable designers to connect an antenna to a Bluetooth transceiver using a single chip. The BAL-2593D5U and BAL-2690D3U are integrated baluns, used to convert the antenna signal to a balanced pair of signals as required by the Bluetooth transceiver. The new devices occupy up to 70% less printed-circuit-board area, simplify design and assembly, and ensure better balanced signal channels with low losses. The BAL-2593D5U and BAL-2690D3U are in production now, in 4-bump flip-chip packages, priced at $0.25 for a minimum order of 5000 pieces.

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