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DDC-I Deos RTOS, OpenArbor Support AMCC PowerPC 440 Core

DDC-I will make their Deos safety-critical real-time operating system and OpenArbor development tool suite available for applications using AMCC’s (now AppliedMicro) PowerPC 440 core. Deos and OpenArbor will also be available out of the box for Embedded Planet’s EP440C single-board computer, which provides a development and prototyping environment for applications targeting the PowerPC 440EP processor.

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AppliedMicro APM 83290 System on Chip

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation introduced the APM 83290 System on Chip (SoC). According to AMCC, the APM 83290 is the highest performance Power Architecture solution available in bulk CMOS process. The APM 83290 features proprietary PacketPro and MultiEase technologies. The Soc is ideal for wireless infrastructure, enterprise, storage, entertainment, multifunction printer, and communications applications. AppliedMicro’s APM 83290 is available now in sample quantities with production quantities expected in Q1 2010.

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