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iWave Systems AM389x System-On-Module

iWave Systems Technologies introduced the AM389x System-On-Module. The AM389x SOM features the TI Sitara AM389x ARM Microprocessor. The Q7 module is pin and software compatible with C6-Integra DSP+ARM Processor and DaVinci MPU. The AM389x System-On-Module is ideal for single board computers, network and communication processing, industrial automation, human machine interface and point-of-service kiosks.

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Texas Instruments AM389x Sitara ARM Microprocessors

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the AM389x Sitara ARM microprocessors (MPUs). The AM389x Sitara ARM MPU is ideal for single-board computers, gateways, routers, servers, industrial automation, human machine interfaces (HMIs) and point-of-service data terminals. The two new devices in the AM389x Sitara ARM MPU family are the AM3892 and the AM3894. Both chips feature PCIExpress Gen2, SATA 2.0, dual Gigabit Ethernet and dual DDR2/DDR3 interfaces. Pricing for the XAM3894CYG Sitara ARM MPU starts at $43.10 in 1,000 unit quantities (1 ku).

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