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Acrosser ACE-B8700 and ACE-B7300 Gaming Boards, ACE-Mini Chassis

Acrosser Technology introduced the ACE-B7300 gaming board, ACE-B8700 board, and ACE-Mini Mini-ITX chassis. The All-in-One products feature digital I/O, non-volatile SRAM, counter, pulse generator, timer, intrusion logger, security, RNG, ccTalk, and secured real time clock. The Acrosser modules utilize the latest computer technology from Intel, AMD and VIA.

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ACROSSER rolled out ACE-MINI ITX chassis wtih I/O for gaming systems. The ACE-MINI contains an ACE-B2019 PCI bus gaming I/O card, a power supply, and an enclosure that supports most Mini-ITX motherboards. The ACE-MINI also includes a software development kit. The software development kit contains API, device drivers, and a demo program to support Windows XP embedded and Linux operation systems.

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