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WIN PL-80460 Network Appliance Features Intel Embedded IA Components

WIN Enterprises PL-80460 network appliance

WIN Enterprises introduced their PL-80460 network appliance. The Win PL-80460 is built with Intel Embedded IA components. The network appliance supports single Intel 32nm i3/i5/i7 (code name Sandy Bridge) and Intel E3-xx processors. The 2U rackmount platform is designed for network service applications. It is ideal for firewall, packet inspection, SPAM filtering, VPN, UTM, financial, and Internet services.

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Kontron Industrial Silent Servers KISS 2U KTQ45/Flex Systems

Kontron announced four quad-core Kontron Industrial Silent Severs (KISS). All four KISS 2U KTQ45/Flex support Microsoft Windows and Linux. They are available either as a standard configurable system or customized and delivered as a tested and independently-certified solution. The CE certified and UL qualified Kontron Industrial Silent Servers KISS 2U KTQ45/Flex are available in EMEA now and selected models will be available in North America and APAC in late Q2 2010.

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Kontron Butterfly Backplane xPB-6E5PO for PICMG 1.3

Kontron announced the 2U Butterfly Backplane xPB-6E5PO for PICMG 1.3-based system designs. The Kontron 2U backplane xPB-6E5PO is designed for 5.0 GT/s throughput and features the latest frame grabbers, graphics and network cards. The space-saving butterfly backplane was developed for image processing, gaming, infotainment, and networking applications. The Kontron 2U PICMG 1.3 Backplane XPB-6E5PO is now available.

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