Serial Connectivity Made Easy for Applications Requiring High Reliability

Sealevel Systems, Inc. added two new I/O expansion modules, 8510 and 8511, for their Relio R3 rack mount industrial computers. The Relio R3 Industrial Computer is a solid-state, fanless 3U rackmount computer Suitable for process control, test and measurement, and data acquisition applications, each board prevents damage from harmful spikes and surges associated with industrial environments.

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IBM and TM Forum discuss information frameworks for big data telecom networks

Trends such as e-commerce, M2M, and cloud services are shaping the development processes for telecommunications. The process typically includes various information and data models and software created through internal development, from third parties, or open source. But a lack of standardization of terminology and framework between development and stakeholders can cause delays, product issues, or project failure. IBM and TM Forum discuss how to reduce time, cost, and risk with these new business developments.

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E-cast on Information Framework: The key to reducing time, cost, and risk associated with today’s business transformation

In today’s world of e-commerce, M2M, and cloud services, its critical for development and operational processes to embrace and account for these trends or risk failure. Development processes for telecommunications typically include a mix of information and data models, internally developed software, and third party or open source software.

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Quick and reliable cellular M2M connectivity

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions provider Telit Wireless Solutions partnered with M2M product development services integrator NimbeLink to speed up specialized M2M application design. The partnership allows designers to add cellular connectivity to NimbeLink’s Skywire pre-certified embedded modems based on the Telit xE910 family of modules.

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Compact outdoor-rated ranging laser scanner for accurate detection, TiM511, released by SICK

SICK has announced the compact TiM551 2D laser scanner, which sends information about its surroundings via Ethernet using time-of-flight technology.

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Jannal Intelligent Design Environment enables creation and testing of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi embedded systems for RTOS

Clarinox Technologies has announced the release of Jannal Intelligent Design Environment, which enables engineers with little RF experience to quickly create and test Bluetooth and Wi-Fi embedded systems for hardware and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) combinations.

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