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Automotive SPICE Compliance Made Easy

Automotive SPICE Compliance Made Easy webinar. Photo courtesy

Major car manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Volvo, collaborated to develop the Automotive SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination) framework. You can’t develop without compliance to Automotive SPICE these days. But often times the requirements (ISO/IEC 15504) are interpreted differently as this framework was developed to suit a broad range of applications. And showing compliance for an audit can place a large amount of overhead and burden on the shoulders of engineers.

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Microchip Technology Introduces PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit

Microchip Technology PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit

Microchip Technology introduced the new PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit, which enables custom application development on the PIC32 microcontrollers (MCUs) for Bluetooth and USB digital audio solutions. The Microchip development kit includes an interface for use for iPod and iPhone products, and enables expansion to support these devices. The Microchip PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit (part # DV320032) is available now for $199.99. The kit is ideal for developers who want to add high-quality wireless audio to their design.

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Texas Instruments DRV8312-C2-KIT Motor Control Evaluation Kit

Texas Instruments announced the DRV8312-C2-KIT motor control evaluation kit for spinning brushless DC (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) motors. The sensorless field-oriented control (FOC) and trapezoidal commutation platform spins motors out of the box. It speeds the development of sub-50-V and 6.5-A brushless motors for driving medical pumps, gates, lifts, small pumps, industrial and consumer robotics and automation. The kit includes includes CCStudio IDE (no compiler or memory limitations), documentation, software source, and hardware development package (bill of materials, schematics, and gerbers). The TI DRV8312-C2-KIT is available now for $299.

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Texas Instruments DRV8412 Evaluation Kit for Spinning Motors

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the DRV8412 evaluation kit (DRV8412-C2-KIT) for spinning motors. The DRV8412 evaluation platform for spinning motors includes all of the hardware and software needed to spin two brushed DC motors or a single stepper motor. The DRV8412-C2-KIT speeds development time for brushed DC and stepper motors running up to 6 A continuous/12 A peak at 50 V. The kit is for ideal medical pumps, gate openers, stage lighting, textile manufacturing tools, and industrial or consumer robotics. The DRV8412-C2-KIT is available now for $199 (price includes CCStudio IDE with no compiler or memory limitations).

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Real-Time XMOS Motor Control Platform

XMOS launched their motor control platform for highly efficient motor control designs. The XMOS motor control hardware platform provides dual-axis 3-phase motor control using an XS1-L1, and a communications and logging subsystem using an XS1-L2. It includes a framework of control, processing and interfacing functions. The motor control platform will be available in December. The XMOS motor control platform consists of:

  • XCore hard real-time, multi-threaded processors
  • XMOS motor control hardware board, with support for dual axis motor control and communication
  • A suite of control, processing and interfacing functions, to help designers quickly develop advanced motor drives entirely in high level software programming languages

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GE Intelligent Platforms OpenVPX 6U CUDA Starter Kit

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the 6U OpenVPX CUDA Starter Kit. The GE 6U CUDA Starter Kit is designed for GPGPU (general purpose computing on a graphics processing unit) technology for rugged, size/weight-constrained, deployed mission computing applications such as radar, sonar, image processing, signals intelligence and ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance). The kit is a complete, integrated, pre-tested hardware and software development environment. A 3U OpenVPX CUDA Starter Kit is also available.

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Emerson Network Power Embedded Development Kit

Emerson Network Power introduced the Embedded Development Kit (MATXM-CORE-411-WR). The Embedded Development Kit includes an Emerson Network Power MicroATX motherboard based on the Intel Core i7 processor with optimized trial versions of Wind River’s operating systems, development tools, embedded hypervisor and graphics software. Included in the Embedded Development Kit is a LiveUSB flash drive containing a host image and a configurable target image. Each kit also includes cables, a comprehensive startup guide, sample projects and tutorial videos.

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Pair the Best GUI to the Lowest Cost Hardware with Graphical Code Generators

By Mike Juran

We’ve all seen the iPhone. The phrase game changing gets thrown around a lot, but this is one instance where it’s truly applicable. It has put the Human Machine Interface (HMI) on the top of the list of major considerations in product marketing and development.

Can you imagine a world where the iPhone costs $1000 or where the animations from screen to screen are jerky and halting? Either extreme could have extinguished this user interface torchbearer before anyone saw the light.

Product designers are faced with these types of dilemmas every day. Experienced designers understand that there are some choices that are critical to the success of the product — and they often must be made at the project start, when the least is known about requirements.

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Texas Instruments Microcontroller Development SchmartModule

SchmartBoard introduced the Texas Instruments Microcontroller Development SchmartModule. The suggested retail for the boards is $30. The single development board supports Texas Instruments’ ultra-low power MSP430, ARM Cortex-M3-based Stellaris and real-time control C2000 MCU platforms. During the month of July only, the product will be sold at the SchmartBoard website for $15.

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Microchip mTouch Projected Capacitive Touch-Screen Sensing Technology

Microchip Technology launched the mTouch Projected Capacitive Development Kit and the PIC16F707 8-bit microcontroller (MCU). The PIC16F707 features two 16-channel Capacitive Sensing Modules (CSMs) that can run in parallel for increased sampling speed. The microcontroller is priced at $0.99 each in volume. The mTouch kit enables designers to integrate projected capacitive touch-sensing functionality into applications with a single MCU. The mTouch projected-capacitive touch-screen sensing kit and PIC16F707 MCU are available now.

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