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White Paper: IEEE P1687 IJTAG Taps into Embedded Instrumentation

ASSET InterTech recently published a white paper, IEEE P1687 Internal JTAG (IJTAG) taps into embedded instrumentation. The technical paper explains how the new IEEE P1687 IJTAG standard will enable instruments that were originally embedded into chips for chip characterization and test can be re-used later in circuit board design validation, volume manufacturing test and field service troubleshooting.

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Speeding FPGA Prototype Debug Process with Active Debug and Full Visibility

By Joe Gianelli and Tom Huang

System integration continues to drive the semiconductor design market. This is most obvious when looking at the increased system integration associated with System on Chip (SoC) design over the last few years. Integrating complex hardware features with complex software applications onto one silicon device makes the validation process for today’s SoC designs a tricky one to say the least.

What have been increasingly popular to aid in this complex validation process are FPGA prototype systems. They run extremely fast, almost as fast as the production SoC, and have doubled in capacity every 18 months for the last 5 years. They also enable real world system interfaces to DDRAM, PCI, Ethernet, while using high-speed serial interfaces over 10 Gb/s.

Despite their current strides in speed, capacity, and real world high-speed interfaces, using these FPGA devices to help verify and validate SoC designs are difficult at best due to the many and long FPGA P&R compile times and poor visibility. InPA Systems proposes to address these issues with their active debug and full visibility technology.

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Corelis Low Voltage JTAG Adapter

Corelis introduced the Low Voltage Adapter for compatibility between Corelis’ boundary-scan controllers and low voltage JTAG designs operating below 2.5V. The Low Voltage Adapter is rated to support up to 100 MHz TCK speeds, employs ESD protection, and is capable of driving up to 90mA on its outputs. The Low Voltage Adapter is fully compatible with Corelis’ ScanExpress family of software products and comes complete with all necessary hardware and cabling. The adapter is available now with a list price of $1,500.

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Data Translation DT9836S USB Data Acquisition Module

Data Translation rolled out the DT9836S USB data acquisition module. The DT9836S is a completely isolated high speed USB module providing simultaneous analog inputs at up to 800kHz per channel or 4.8MHz total. Each analog input channel has its own separate A/D converter eliminating phase shift between each channel. The data acquisition module features an ENOB (Effective Number of Bits) rating of 14.4 bits and an SFDR (Spurious Free Dynamic Range) of 95dB. The DT9836S is available in two packaging configurations: a BNC connection and an OEM version, with pricing starting at $2,025.

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ScanWork Validation and Testing Tools Support Future Intel Platforms

ASSET InterTech has enhanced their validation and testing tools for Intel’s future platforms. ASSET’s ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments will continue to support Intel’s Interconnect Built-In Self Test (IBIST) technology, which is embedded in the processors and chip sets. In addition, ScanWorks will provide a comprehensive validation solution for high-speed input/output (I/O) on Intel platforms.

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ACCES I/O USB-AO USB Data Acquisition and Control I/O Modules

ACCES I/O Products introduced the USB-AO Series of small form factor USB-based data acquisition and control I/O modules. The USB-AO multifunction board features high speed USB 2.0, 16 channels of 16-bit resolution analog outputs, two 16-bit analog inputs, 16 digital I/O lines, and a small, rugged, industrial enclosure. This module can be used in any PC or embedded system with a USB port. It is an ideal for embedded system and test designers. The first model, USB-AO16-16A, can be used in USB-based embedded applications that require stable and accurate output signals. The USB-AO Series includes 10 models with list prices ranging from $299 to $699.

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Signatec DR2800 Data Acquisition and Playback System

Signatec introduced the DR2800 signal recording system platform. It can record data directly to a high-speed RAID system at a sustained rate of 2.8 GB/s. The Signatec DR2800 is ideal for the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Wideband Flight Recorder, and advanced Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) industries. The DR2800 combines two or more of Signatec’s PCI Express (PCIe)-based high speed analog signal digitizers. Signatec is now taking orders for DR2800 record and playback system with a shipping forecast of 6 weeks.

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Data Translation DT9824 Data Acquisition Module

Data Translation introduced the DT9824 ultra-high resolution USB data acquisition module for portable test and measurement. The USB-powered DT9824 enables users to simultaneously sample up to four fully isolated 24-bit inputs, guaranteeing complete signal measurement protection from all environmental or system noise. The DT9824 is priced at $1695 and ships 6-8 weeks ARO.

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Signatec PX1500-4 PCI-Express Digitizer

Signatec introduced the PX1500-4 high-speed digitizer. The PX1500-4 captures four synchronized channels at sampling rates up to 1.5 GHz, or two synchronized channels up to an amazing 3 GHz when interleaving the ADC data. Dual embedded Virtex-5 FPGAs control the PX1500-4 board functionality with available DSP Slice and logic resources optionally available in both chips for custom in-line signal processing. Signatec’s PX1500-4 is currently shipping with a 6 week delivery forecast.

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HEM Data Mini ADAC Data Logger

HEM Data launched the Mini ADAC data logger. According to HEM Data, the Mini ADAC is the industry’s smallest, multi-function data logger. The 8 channel logger acquires a variety of inputs including voltages, currents, temperatures, and converts pulses to counter/timer signals. Its small size means it is easy to install for in-vehicle testing and other field testing applications. The Mini ADAC Logger works well for a wide range of applications including performance, monitoring, R&D, and duty cycle measurements. Its on-board storage is a 2GB Micro SD card.

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