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Texas Instruments Stellaris Robotic Evaluation Board

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced their Robotic Evaluation Board (EVALBOT) for use with Micrium’s uC/OS-III. EVALBOT is a mini robot that enables engineers to experience the Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3-based LM3S9B92 MCU in real-world applications. The evaluation kit includes all of the hardware and software required for quick assembly so that developers can begin evaluation in 10 minutes or less. The TI kit also includes a Stellaris-specific version of uC/OS-III: The Real-Time Kernel by Jean J. Labrosse. The Stellaris Robotic Evaluation Board plus Micrium’s uC/OS-III book package is priced at $199. The Stellaris Robotic Evaluation Board is priced at $149 US and can be purchased separately from the book.

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Digilent Cerebot 32MX4 Robotics Development Kit

The Digilent Cerebot 32MX4 Robotics Development Kit is a microcontroller development board for embedded control and robotics projects. The board can control up to eight servos and three DC motors using Digilent PMOD H-bridge modules. The kit comes with a free version of Microchip’s MPLAB C Compiler for PIC32 and an integrated programming/debugging circuit that is compatible with the free MPLAB IDE. The Cerebot 32MX4 Robotics Development Kit (part # 32MX4) is available for now for an introductory price of $59 (normally $79). The kit is an ideal robot-control platform for both students and hobbyists.

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ADLINK PCI-8174 Stepper and Servo Motion Control Card

ADLINK’s PCI-8174 stepper and servo motion control card offers an on-board DSP with motion ASIC for simplified implementation of time-critical motion sequences. The product is in use for applications such as semiconductor front and back end equipment, TFT/LCD manufacturing equipment, electronic assembly and testing equipment, automatic optical inspection equipment, flight or vehicle simulator in military and video game, dispenser machinery, and cutting or carving machinery.

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