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IMEC Digital UWB Transmitter

IMEC’s 90nm CMOS digital UWB transmitter is the first ever published IEEE 802.15.4a standard-compliant transmitter. It covers all the frequency bands of the standard up to 10GHz and is especially suited for application in low-power wireless sensor networks. The transmitter outperforms state-of-the-art low-power narrowband transmitter implementations.

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IMEC SCALDIO Wideband SDR Transceiver

The IMEC SCALDIO is a wideband software-defined radio (SDR) transceiver. It can be programmed to operate with all current and future cellular, WLAN, WPAN, broadcast and positioning standards in the frequency range between the 174MHz and 6GHz. The multi-mode SDR transceiver has a power consumption and CMOS chip area comparable to current state-of-the-art single mode radios thereby fitting the performance, power and cost requirements for integration into next-generation mass volume mobile devices.

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