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Automotive SPICE Compliance Made Easy

Automotive SPICE Compliance Made Easy webinar. Photo courtesy

Major car manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Volvo, collaborated to develop the Automotive SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination) framework. You can’t develop without compliance to Automotive SPICE these days. But often times the requirements (ISO/IEC 15504) are interpreted differently as this framework was developed to suit a broad range of applications. And showing compliance for an audit can place a large amount of overhead and burden on the shoulders of engineers.

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News 2008.12.21

Portwell Introduces PEM-E200VLA, PCOM-B214VG Embedded System Boards
American Portwell Technology, Inc. has expanded its portfolio of embedded system boards based on Intel’s low power Atom(tm) processor with the addition of the PEM-E200VLA (ETX) and PCOM-B214VG (Type II COM Express Module). American Portwell Technology’s new PEM-E200VLA and PCOM-B214VG embedded system boards take full advantage of the low-power and high performance-per-watt features of Intel’s Atom N270 processor with 945GSE and ICH7-M chipset.

Innovasic Module Evaluation Kit for fido 1100 Communication Controller
Innovasic Semiconductor announced Module Evaluation Kits are shipping for the fido®1100 Communication Controller with a complete EtherNet/IP[tm] solution. The kit contains a Dual Real-Time Ethernet (DRTE) module, baseboard, software, reference design, and all the cables required to evaluate the EtherNet/IP solution right out of the box.

KPMG Semiconductor Study Reveals Big Decline in Profitability in 2009
As economic conditions and consumer spending continue to deteriorate, semiconductor executives offer views on 2009 revenue growth that continue to turn more pessimistic, and anticipate a steep decline in profitability over the next 12 to 18 months, according to a recent global survey of semiconductor company executives conducted by KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax and advisory firm. In addition, the majority of executives see R&D and CapEx investment decreasing significantly next year, and see significant workforce contraction in a period where the need for critical workforce skills is high.

IPextreme IP Cores Support Mentor Graphics Precision Synthesis FPGA Tool
IPextreme®, Inc. has validated its Multi-CAN Controller, its CJTAG-IEEE1149.7 IP cores and its 32-bit Power Architecture e200, V1 ColdFire, V2 ColdFire, 16-bit CR16CP and 8-bit HCS08 processor cores for use with Mentor Graphics Precision® Synthesis flow. Designers can now use the advanced features of Precision Synthesis to quickly and easily achieve superior results when integrating IPextreme cores into FPGAs.

Cloverleaf Integration Suite Features Dual Birdstep Database Solutions
Birdstep Technology, Inc. (OSE: BIRD) announced that Healthvision, a leading provider of healthcare specific software and services, has selected Birdstep’s RDM Embedded and RDM Server database solutions to deliver reliable and fault tolerant data management for their Cloverleaf® Integration Suite.

News 2008.12.18 Late Edition

Mercury Computer Systems Debuts Echotek DCM-V5-XMC Digital Receivers
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY), a leading provider of high-performance, embedded computing solutions for image, sensor, and signal processing applications, announced availability of its initial offering of the new Echotek(R) Series family of high-performance, Virtex(TM)-5-based digital receivers. The new Echotek Series DCM-V5-XMC digital receiver features the latest in A/D and D/A technology, allowing for high-speed/high-resolution data conversion while still preserving the quality of the original signal.

Synopsys, STMicroelectronics Team on 32nm Design Flow
Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) announced early results of its 32-nanometer (nm)-centric joint collaboration with STMicroelectronics, a global leader in developing and delivering semiconductor solutions across the spectrum of microelectronics applications. The two companies have a close ongoing collaboration to establish all the necessary components for a successful 32-nm design flow, including STMicroelectronics’ leading-edge standard cell library for low power and high-performance design, and the support of the latest route rules in Synopsys’ IC Compiler Zroute technology.

ABI Research Pubishes Report on Mobile Internet Devices
The processor vendors supplying chips for UMDs (ultra-mobile devices) are playing a pivotal role in how this market is shaping up. X86-based processors are well entrenched in the PC world and ARM-based processors are well entrenched in the handset world. Since UMDs sit right between the PCs and handsets in terms of power, size, and function, x86-based and ARM-based processors will compete in the UMD space and are already fighting it out, starting with marketing wars.

Hifn Reduces Power with Sequence PowerArtist
Sequence Design announced Hifn[tm] (NASDAQ: HIFN), the catalyst behind storage and networking innovation, is using its PowerArtist[tm] to achieve a significant power reduction on advanced packet processor designs. Hifn chose PowerArtist, Sequence’s automated RTL power reduction solution, after an extensive evaluation of competing low-power design tools.

News 2008.12.18

MSC Vertriebs Announces CX-MB-SP1 Secure Embedded Baseboard
MSC Vertriebs GmbH presents Secure Embedded Platform based on MSC CX-MB-SP1 baseboard, specifically designed for applications in Gaming, Self-service and Infotainment terminal industries. Thanks to the modularity of the baseboard and a wide selection of Computer-On-Module (COM) from MSC, designers are enabled to quickly build their complete embedded systems with a high degree of flexibility.

IEI Introduces ALOHA Advanced All-in-One Touch Display Console
IEI Technology Corp. (IEI) is pleased to introduce you the ALOHA Advanced All-in-One Touch Display Console (ALOHA-12A). The ALOHA control unit is the world’s first 7-in-1 touch display console, with a 10.2″ or 12.1″ wide touch screen control unit that allows access to a single computer via the VGA/DVI/USB KVMA (keyboard, video, mouse and audio) console.

California Eastern Laboratories Ships Apex LT ZigBee Radio Module
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) is now shipping a high-end ZigBee radio module, adding to its rapidly growing line of ZigBee/802.15.4 transceiver solutions. Based on Ember Corporation’s EM260 transceiver platform, the Apex LT Module runs the entire ZigBee suite of applications and profiles as specified by the ZigBee Alliance. While many devices claim association with ZigBee, few have enabled the extensive set of applications and profiles required for ZigBee and ZigBee Pro certification.

Greenpeak Unveils Reference Design for RF Remote Control Devices
GreenPeak announced the launch of a new robust and reliable wireless radio technology for home remote control devices based on RF (radio frequency). GreenPeak is a fabless semiconductor company offering innovative ultra low power wireless and battery-free data communication technologies for sense and control applications and was recently selected as 2009 Technology Pioneer by The World Economic Forum.

Lanner Electronics Announces FW-7872 1U Half-rack Network Appliance
Lanner Electronics, Inc. announced the release of the FW-7872, a 1U half-rack network appliance for network security and acceleration applications. Built around the Intel 945GME chipset, the FW-7872 provides Core 2 Duo and Celeron M support, up to 4GB of DDR2, four Gigabit Ethernet ports and two internal 2.5″ drive bays. It also includes advanced remote management features through IPMI and IP-KVM support, enabling administrators to monitor the system and perform maintenance tasks remotely.

MSC Vertriebs Rolls Out CX-MB-IP1 Industrial COM Express Module
A significant reduction in development time of systems when using computer-on-modules is achievable with the industrial platform MSC CX-MB-IP1 from MSC Vertriebs GmbH. The motherboard in Mini-ITX format (170 mm x 170 mm) is designed for the acceptance of COM Express[tm] modules in basic and compact form factors in compliance with Type 2 of the COM Express[tm] specification. MSC offers its powerful COM Express[tm] modules in different performance classes.

News 2008.12.17 Late Edition

STMicroelectronics STWD100 Watchdog Timer IC Features Chip-Enable Input
By providing a chip-enable input, the STWD100 watchdog timer IC from STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) prevents automatic reset generation during in-system programming or boot-up, enhancing flexibility for developers to control and manage applications. Comparable alternative devices do not have chip-enable capability.

SensAble Announces OpenHaptics 3.0 Software Development Toolkit
SensAble Technologies announced the immediate availability of OpenHaptics® version 3.0, a software development toolkit that dramatically simplifies and speeds the touch-enabling of computer applications. Designed to work with SensAble’s PHANTOM® force-feedback haptic devices, the release includes the new QuickHaptics[tm] micro API, which enables any professional with even passing familiarity with C++ to quickly and easily add kinesthetic feedback to what users see and/or hear on a computer screen.

Power Integrations Debuts PI Expert Suite v7.1 for Power Supply Design
Power Integrations (Nasdaq:POWI) introduced a new version of its popular power supply design software, PI Expert. The software now supports the LinkSwitch-CV and LinkSwitch-II families of primary-side-control switcher ICs, and includes comprehensive design functionality for offline LED drivers.

Agilent Unveils X-Parameter Nonlinear Model Generation for Components
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) announced a breakthrough nonlinear modeling technique for components such as amplifiers and transistors that are commonly used in the wireless and aerospace defense industries. The X-parameters can be generated either from simulation with the company’s Advanced Design System (ADS) EDA software or from Agilent’s test and measurement instruments, for faster communications-product development.

News 2008.12.17

Rabbit Introduces Wireless BL4S100, BL4S200 Single Board Computers
Rabbit, a Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) brand, introduced the BL4S100 and BL4S200 single-board computers (SBCs) that feature either Wi-Fi or ZigBee connectivity, a microprocessor, memory and abundant I/O that allow easy deployment of wireless nodes for industrial, commercial and medical applications. This unique combination of control, I/O and connectivity makes it easy for engineers to add wireless connectivity and control to devices.

Numonyx Unveils NAND Flash Memories for Wireless, Embedded, Storage
Continuing to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of NOR, NAND, RAM and PCM (phase change memory) solutions, Numonyx B.V. launched a series of new NAND flash memory devices for use in wireless, embedded and data storage applications. These include up to 32 Gb (gigabits) multi-level cell (MLC) NAND, 32 GB (gigabytes) eMMC and up to 8 GB microSD products fabricated on the advanced 41nm process technology.

Immersion Announces Automotive-Grade Haptic Touchscreen Technology
Immersion Corporation (NASDAQ:IMMR) announced the first-ever automotive-grade actuator that enables fast integration of advanced touch feedback (haptics) into touchscreens and touch surfaces for the global automotive industry. Immersion’s haptics technology dramatically elevates the automotive user experience. With haptics, users experience more intuitive interactions, reduced glance time for improved safety, and more elegant space-saving designs.

Crossware Releases Version 3 of C/C++ Compiler for ARM Microcontrollers
Crossware, a leading embedded software tools developer, has released version 3.0 of its C/C++ compiler for ARM-based microcontrollers. The new compiler, available as part of Crossware’s ARM Development Suite, is able to perform highly advanced optimisations that can significantly increase the execution speed and also reduce the code size of the final compiled application.

Synopsys Releases Expanded VMM Verification Methodology
Synopsys, Inc. announced the release of an expanded version of VMM, the industry’s most production-proven verification methodology. The updated release includes new, user-driven features, such as a multi-stream scenario generator, transactor iterator and command-line options manager. These features increase scalability from block to system-level, ease-of-use and verification productivity.

DesignWare USB 2.0 nanoPHY for 40nm Passes USB-IF Certification
Synopsys, Inc. announced that its DesignWare® USB 2.0 nanoPHY is the first 40-nanometer (nm) USB 2.0 PHY IP to successfully pass the USB Implementers Forum Hi-Speed USB PHY certification. Synopsys’ technology-leading USB 2.0 nanoPHY mixed-signal IP, now available in a native 1.8V architecture, meets the full USB 2.0 specification including 5V short tolerance for 24 hours and 3.3V operation.

News 2008.12.16 Late Edition

American Portwell Introduces WEBS Family of Embedded Systems
American Portwell Technology, Inc. announces its new WEBS family of embedded system solutions based on Intel’s Atom(tm) processor. American Portwell Technology’s WEBS family fully utilizes the low-power, high performance-per-watt advantages of the Intel Atom processor along with its ability to facilitate a fanless operation in an extremely compact footprint. At a mere 150 mm x 150 mm x 51 mm, the WEBS-2120-built with Portwell’s Nano-ITX embedded system board-measures less than the size of Apple’s Mac mini.

NEC Introduces V850E/Sx3-H MCUs for Automotive Audio, Navigation Control
NEC Electronics Corporation has reaffirmed its commitment to the automotive market by expanding support for audio and navigation applications with its new V850E/Sx3-H microcontrollers (MCUs). Based on the company’s well-established V850E1TM core, the new V850E/Sx3-H devices offer the industry’s highest flash memory capacity for 32-bit MCUs, in addition to improved CPU performance for today’s audio and infotainment systems.

Emerson Network Power Debuts NTS505, NTS508 500W AC-DC Power Supplies
Emerson Network Power announced that it has expanded its NTS line of 500W digitally controlled power supplies with the addition of the NTS505 and NTS508. Intended primarily as medium power front-end units for distributed power systems, NTS500 series AC-DC power supplies offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) unmatched power density in a compact 4 x 7 inch footprint.

Renesas Logical- and Physical-layer IP Support PCI Express 2.0
Renesas Technology America, Inc. announced the development of a new logical- and physical-layer intellectual property (IP) conforming to PCI Express Base Specification Revision 2.0 (PCI Express 2.0 or PCIe 2.0), the latest version of the widely used serial interface standard. This IP allows data transfers at up to 5.0 gigabits per second (5Gbps) and supports the 65-nm semiconductor process node.

News 2008.12.16

Sun Microsystems Introduces CMT UltraSPARC T2 Reference Design Kit
Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAVA) announced availability of the UltraSPARC(R) T2 Reference Design Kit (RDK), to accelerate the design, development, and testing of UltraSPARC T2 processor-based embedded systems designs. Offering systems designers a comprehensive suite of development tools and hardware interconnect options needed to test, verify and optimize system performance, the RDK furthers Sun’s commitment to the community of developers and programmers using chip-multithreading (CMT) technology around the globe.

Embedded Alley Announces Development System for Linux-based Devices
Embedded Alley announced the introduction of the Embedded Alley Development System for Linux-based Devices, a software and services offering designed to help intelligent device OEMs integrate and update Linux and other embedded Free and Open Source (FOSS) platform components into a unified tool kit. The Development System also facilitates build and integration of in-house and 3rd party commercial software.

Virage Logic Debuts 40nm Embedded Memory, Logic Library for LP Processes
Virage Logic Corporation (NASDAQ:VIRL) announced the expansion of its silicon proven 40-nanometer (nm) embedded memory compiler and logic library product portfolio with new availability for low power (LP) processes. The expanded SiWare[tm] product portfolio provides semiconductor companies with 40nm physical IP that is designed to enable Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) to run faster, manage power more efficiently, use less area, and achieve higher manufacturing yields.

AXIOMTEK Rolls Out SBC86836 Mini ITX Motherboard with Intel Atom
AXIOMTEK, an Associate Member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance, is pleased to introduce the SBC86836 industrial-grade Mini ITX motherboard built with ultra low power 45nm Intel® Atom[tm] processor N270 at 1.6GHz and the Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express chipset. The Intel® GMA 950 graphics engine is built into the chipset to provide faster graphics performance and flexible display options without the need for a separate graphics card.

Cypress, Legend Silicon Unveil First USB TV Dongle Reference Design
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:CY) and Legend Silicon Corp. introduced a reference design for a DTMB (Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast – a DTV standard) USB dongle. The Legend MoBLTV[tm] reference design includes the resources to quickly develop a high-performance DTMB dongle that brings television signals to PCs and laptops. It leverages Cypress’s EZ-USB® FX2LP high-speed USB controller to drive Legend Silicon’s LGS-8GL5/LGS-8G75 demodulator.

Altera, DDD Group Team on 3D Digital Cinema Quality Images
Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) and DDD Group plc (LSE:DDD) announced a partnership that is bringing 3D digital cinema-quality images to your living room. DDD has qualified its TriDef Core embedded 3D image processor to run on Altera’s Arria® GX FPGA. As a result, DDD is delivering a custom circuit board that integrates with the existing 2D video electronics to deliver enhanced 3D features including automatic 2D-to-3D conversion.

Movial Becomes Member of Khronos Group
Movial announced it has joined the Khronos[tm] Group industry consortium. By joining the Khronos Group, Movial continues its ongoing commitment to support the development of open standards — including enabling the acceleration of graphics and multimedia on a wide variety of platforms and devices. The Khronos Group is an open, member-funded consortium committed to developing royalty-free standards for mobile and embedded markets. Wraps Up Asian Power Architecture Conferences announced that its Asian Power Architecture® Conferences drew record attendance to hear the latest developments on Power Architecture expertise and technology and participate in hands on training for next-generation product design. The events featured experts from Cadence, D2, Freescale, Global Graphics, IBM, Lautherbach, Silicontek, Synopsys, and Virtutech, and drew design teams and managers from the aerospace, consumer, industrial, networking, storage, and wired/wireless communications sectors.

News 2008.12.15 Late Edition

WIN Enterprises Introduces MB-73170 Mini ITX Motherboard
WIN Enterprises, Inc. announces the MB-73170 Mini ITX motherboard. Powered by the Intel® Core[tm] 2 Duo processor, the MB-73170 was designed for applications requiring high-performance in a small form factor such as POS, mobile kiosks, factory automation, gaming machines, multimedia, and digital signage.

Connect One Releases Nano LANReach Embedded LAN Module
Connect One[tm] released Nano LANReach, an embedded LAN module that quickly and easily connects any embedded device to 10/100BaseT LANs with minimal programming. Measuring only 2.5×3.5 centimeters including a built-in RJ45 connector, the Nano LANReach’s extensive firmware functionality makes it the most affordable and versatile LAN solution for embedded devices today.

IAR Systems Launches visualSTATE 6.20 for Embedded Systems
IAR Systems has announced the launch of IAR visualSTATE® 6.20, the latest release of its unique high-level design tool featuring code generation, simulation and test, and formal verification. The new release of IAR visualSTATE provides dramatically improved speed and memory efficiency, enabling rapid verification of more complex designs. This makes IAR visualSTATE even more suitable as a design tool for small embedded designs that require high integrity.

Open Kernel Labs OKL4 Targets ARM Cortex Multicore Processors
Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) introduced its roadmap for supporting advanced mobile chipsets built on ARM® Cortex[tm]-A8 and Cortex-A9 MPCore[tm] multicore processors. OK Labs technology targets use cases that include both Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) on dual, tri- and quad-core mobile CPUs as well as asymmetric multicore systems with ARM processors dedicated to different processing functions.

MontaVista Linux Supports ARM1176JZ-S, ARM1176JZF-S Processors
MontaVista® Software, Inc. announced that MontaVista Linux now provides support for the ARM1176JZ-S[tm] and ARM1176JZF-S[tm] processors, including the first ever big endian support option for the ARM11[tm] family in a Linux environment. By supporting these ARM11 family processors, MontaVista gives consumer device manufacturers a commercial-quality Linux implementation along with tools to reduce time-to-market and development costs for custom SoC designs.

Renesas Introduces R2J20651NP Integrated Driver-MOSFET
Renesas Technology America, Inc. announced the R2J20651NP, a 35A Integrated Driver-MOSFET for CPU and DDR type SDRAM power supplies in PCs, servers and other types of electronic products. When running at a switching speed of 200kHz and producing 1.8V DC from a 5V DC input, it achieves up to 96.5 percent efficiency — the highest in the industry. Thus the device aids the design of green systems that run cooler and use less power. Moreover, it incorporates control functions that can be used to help improve system safety.

IMEC Debuts Monolithically Integrated 11 Megapixel Micro-mirror Array
IMEC presents a monolithically integrated 11 megapixel micro-mirror array for high-end industrial applications, a world’s first both in terms of pixel density and reliability. Each mirror in the array is 8µm x 8µm and can be individually tilted by the high-speed integrated CMOS circuitry underneath the array. This device fits in IMEC’s CMORE initiative, which offers cost-effective solutions for continued system scaling, not by shrinking CMOS but by focusing on monolithic co-integration of heterogeneous technology.

iPhone Drives Microelectromechanical Systems Market
The success of Apple Inc.’s iPhone is spurring competitors to offer products with comparable features, fueling a sales boom for Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometers used to detect motion in smart phones. “Apple’s visionary use of MEMS accelerometers that support the automatic switch from landscape to portrait view on the iPhone display has prompted a flood of competitors to follow suit,” said Jérémie Bouchaud, principal analyst for MEMS at iSuppli Corp.

Mentor Graphics Veloce Maximus Supports 512 Million Gates
Mentor Graphics Corp. (Nasdaq: MENT) unveiled the Veloce® Maximus product, the industry’s largest capacity hardware emulator. At up to 512 million gates, the Veloce Maximus product exceeds the capacity of competitive offerings by a significant margin. The most complex Systems-on-Chip (SoC) designs in development today demand Veloce Maximus-class capacity for effective functional verification.

Mobius Photonics Receives Patent for Parallel Laser Processing
Mobius Photonics, Inc. has been awarded U.S. Patent #7,443,903, “Laser Apparatus Having Multiple Synchronous Amplifiers Tied to One Master Oscillator.” The architecture described offers a unique way to scale up average power for integration into high throughput machine tools without sacrificing reliability.

News 2008.12.15

Texas Instruments Debuts DA830, DA828 Aureus Digital Audio Processors
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced its third-generation DA830 and DA828 Aureus[tm] digital audio processors. The highly-integrated, dual-core DA8x product line offers the combined features of an ARM-based applications processor and an audio digital signal processor (DSP) core, as well as a wide range of peripherals. This compilation results in a high-performance, cost-effective solution for consumer products.

Synopsys Unveils Confirma HAPS-A31 ASIC/ASSP Rapid Prototyping System
Synopsys, Inc. introduced the newest addition to the Confirma[tm] ASIC/ASSP Rapid Prototyping Platform, the HAPS-A31 system which contains an Altera® Stratix® III FPGA. The HAPS-A31 system is a single-FPGA prototyping board in the PCI Express® (PCIe) form factor equipped with an Altera Stratix III SL340 FPGA. The HAPS-A31 system is the first HAPS[tm] board to contain an Altera device and the first to adopt the PCIe format, which will permit the board to be plugged directly into any 4-lane PCIe slot.

TI Unveils USB Tools for Piccolo 32-bit TMS320F2802x Microcontrollers
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced two new USB-based tools for Piccolo[tm] 32-bit TMS320F2802x microcontrollers (MCU). The new evaluation and development tools make it easier for designers to evaluate Piccolo MCUs and develop more energy-efficient, real-time control applications such as solar power micro-inverters, LED lighting, white goods appliances and hybrid automotive batteries. In addition, the first Piccolo-based devices, the F2802x series, are now available for sampling.

Sundance Announces Cadre CT-JPEG04 Cores for DSP FPGA Multiprocessors
Sundance announced that is has extended its partnership with Cadre Codesign, a specialist provider of IP and embedded FPGA design solutions, to deliver Cadre’s CT-JPEG04 core across a range of it’s modular DSP FPGA multiprocessor hardware solutions. Based on the JPEG ISO/IEC IS 110918-1 standard image-compression algorithm, the core compresses images of 1280 x 1024 pixels resolution at a rate of 500 frames/sec and can sustain an input of one 8 bit pixel every 660MHz.

Lattice Semiconductor Introduces ispLEVER v7.2 FPGA Design Tool Suite
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) announced Version 7.2 of its ispLEVER® FPGA design tool suite with advanced place and route algorithms that deliver higher performance results in as much as 30% less time. The ispLEVER 7.2 software also now supports Lattice’s “clock boosting” flow for the LatticeECP2[tm] and LatticeECP2M[tm] FPGA families. Clock boosting can result in up to a 5% increase in FMax with no additional user input.

Altera Rolls Out 40nm Stratix IV EP4SGX230 FPGA
Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) announced silicon availability of the industry’s first 40-nm FPGAs. Targeting customers in a variety of markets, including communications, broadcast, test, medical and military, Stratix® IV FPGAs offer the industry’s largest density, highest performance, highest system bandwidth and lowest power among high-end FPGA solutions. The first device available is the EP4SGX230, offering 230K logic elements (LEs), 36 embedded transceivers operating up to 8.5 Gbps, 17 Mbits of RAM and 1,288 embedded multipliers.

Barco Silex BA511 ARINC 429 IP Core Receives DO-254 Certification
Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) announced that the Barco Silex BA511 ARINC 429 IP core, targeted for Actel’s ProASIC(R)3 FPGAs, has been DO-254 certified through implementations in multiple safety-critical avionics applications. Actel’s ProASIC3 A3P1000 devices, featuring Barco’s BA511 ARINC 429 IP core, were selected for a total of four DO-254 certified implementations in commercial aviation programs, including two at the highest Design Assurance Level (DAL-A), and two at the second highest level (DAL-B).

Xilinx Ships Virtex-5 FXT FPGA with RocketIO GTX, embedded PowerPC 440
Xilinx (Nasdaq: XLNX) announced the Virtex(R)-5 FXT FPGA platform with 6.5 Gbps RocketIO(TM) GTX transceivers and embedded PowerPC(R) 440 processor cores has begun shipping in production, while samples of its new transceiver-optimized Virtex-5 TXT FPGA platform are now available. As the industry’s most widely adopted 65nm high- performance FPGAs, only the Virtex-5 family gives designers a proven programmable solution for high-speed serial and high-performance embedded designs.

SANYO Electric Selects Xilinx for VCC-WD390 Surveillance Cameras
Xilinx K.K. (Art Village Osaki Central Tower 4F, 1-2-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; president Sam Rogan), the Japanese arm of the programmable logic solutions leader Xilinx, Inc., announced that SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (2-5-5 Keihanhondori, Moriguchi-shi, Osaka; president Seiichiro Sano; Securities Identification Code: 6764; hereafter “SANYO Electric”) has adopted the low-cost Xilinx(R) extended Spartan(R)-3A family for SANYO’S VCC-WD390 next-generation wide dynamic range surveillance cameras.