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Aonix ObjectAda for Solaris

Aonix® recently announced the Solaris version of ObjectAda. ObjectAda V8.3 for Sun’s Solaris platforms running on SPARC and Intel processors provides a complete enterprise-level environment for the development of native Unix applications using the Ada programming language. These latest releases integrate AonixADT (Ada Development Toolkit), an Eclipse-based development environment, into ObjectAda, providing developers with access to the broad range of tools available through the Eclipse framework. ObjectAda for SPARC/Solaris and ObjectAda for Intel/Solaris are immediately available. Prices start at $8,000 for a single seat license.

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DDC-I OpenArbor with LynuxWorks LynxOS-178 RTOS Support

DDC-I’s Eclipse-based OpenArbor mixed-language development environment now supports LynuxWorks’ FAA Certified LynxOS-178 real-time operating system. OpenArbor developers working with any combination of Ada, C, and Embedded C++ (EC++) can now deploy safety-critical applications on LynxOS-178 target systems certifiable to DO-178B Level A, the FAA’s highest level of safety criticality. OpenArbor is a mixed-language, object-oriented IDE for developing and deploying real-time, safety-critical applications. The core environment combines optimizing compilers and libraries for C and Embedded C++ with the SCORE® mixed-language debugger. The SCORE debugger features an intuitive multi-window GUI, project management support, and automated build/make utilities. SCORE’s symbolic debugger recognizes C/EC++, Ada and Fortran syntax and expressions, and can view objects, expressions, call chains, execution traces, interspersed machine code, machine registers, and program stacks.

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IAR YellowSuite for ColdFire Microcontrollers

IAR YellowSuite(TM) for ColdFire® microcontrollers integrates several tools to produce a working design in the shortest possible time. The development tools included in IAR YellowSuite for ColdFire microcontrollers consist of: IAR Embedded Workbench®, for building and debugging the application; IAR visualSTATE®, for design, validation, test and verification of the control logic; IAR PowerPac(TM) RTOS, file system and associated middleware; and an IAR KickStart Kit(TM), to test the application on real hardware.

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Mercury MultiCore Plus SDK for PS3 – Base Package

Mercury Computer Systems (NASDAQ: MRCY) recently released the MultiCore Plus(TM) SDK for PS3 – Base Package. The software development kit enables application developers to unleash the Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3 (PS3) game console for low-cost, high-speed computing. The MultiCore Plus SDK for PS3 – Base Package is available now for US$399 per seat license through Terra Soft Solutions.

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Concurrent NightStar LX 4.1 Debugging, Analysis Tools

Concurrent (NASDAQ:CCUR) released NightStar(TM) LX 4.1 debugging and analysis tools. NightStar is a powerful, integrated Qt-based GUI tool set for developing and tuning time-critical 32-bit and 64-bit applications. NightStar tools reduce test time, increase productivity and lower development costs. The NightStar LX suite includes the NightView(TM) source-level debugger, the NightTrace(TM) event analyzer, the NightProbe(TM) data monitor, and the NightTune(TM) system and application tuner. NightStar LX now supports x86-based systems running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell, with continued support for Red Hat(R) Enterprise Linux 4.

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MobiForms is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for developing Java based mobile applications for wireless PDAs running Tablet PC, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, EPOC, Symbian, or Palm. With MobiForms you do not need to know a single line of Java. MobiForms is an intuitive graphical drag and drop development environment.

Many developers use highly productive tools like Oracle Developer or PowerBuilder and do not want to use Java because it is seen as a low level language with hundreds of difficult commands and syntax. With Java it can take days or even weeks to create usable applications. MobiForms solves this problem by doing the Java programming for developers. Applications can be developed in minutes instead of days. MobiForms creates and uses the simple Forms Mark-up Language (FML) files instead of complex JAR files.

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TNI-Software’s AUTOSAR Builder is an Eclipse-based software development platform that provides a seamless design environment for the creation of AUTOSAR compliant automotive electronics systems and ECUs. The AUTOSAR standard provides the description formats for complete automotive systems including the resources and configuration for individual ECUs. It defines the methodology and tool support needed to bring the various description elements together in order to build tangible systems of ECUs. It also enables both system-wide and process optimisation including the configuration and generation of the AUTOSAR Run-Time Environment (RTE) and the Basic Software (BSW) for each ECU.

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PERC Pico for Hard Real-Time Java

PERC Pico, from Aonix, is the first development environment for Java developers geared toward the creation of resource-constrained and deeply embedded hard real-time applications and components. PERC Pico is designed to solve problems for a broad range of projects including avionics, satellites, deep space probes, radio communications, telecon, weapons systems, and flight surface controls.

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