ADL Embedded Solutions announces ADLMES-8200 modular enclosure system

ADL Embedded Solutions has released its new family of high Ingress-Protection (IP) modular enclosures, the ADLMES-8200, which is available in three different variations.

The ADLMES-8200 is a highly configurable, modular enclosure system aimed at quick-turn delivery of rugged, extended temperature enclosures for a variety of applications. The ADLMES-8200 is available in 3 different variations:

  • ADLMES-8200-LP Low Profile 2-Card Chassis, measures 3.2″H x 7.0″W x 6.6″D
  • ADLMES-8200-P1 4-Card Chassis, measures 4.6″H x 7.0″W x 6.6″D
  • ADLMES-8200-P2 6-Card Chassis, measures 5.9″H x 7.0″W x 6.6″D

The modular architecture of the ADLMES-8200 enables quick-turn, high IP systems; high-availability of inventory; quick-turn custom faceplate/backplate support; and readily available high-IP connectors. The ADLMES-8200’ finned-chassis design allows for conduction cooling through the base to airframe or vehicle bulkhead or passive cooling via the finned chassis surface which can be augmented with forced cooling.

“Quick time-to-market has become a critical success factor for many SFF systems. The ADLMES-8200 family of quick-turn, high-IP package solutions – coupled with ADL Embedded Solutions’ broad portfolio of SBCs, power supplies and design services – helps fill this need with significant reductions in development time for embedded engineers,” says JC Ramirez, Product Manager for ADL Embedded Solutions.

The ADLMES-8200 is only available as part of a full system and is fully supported by ADL Embedded Solutions’ team of Solidworks engineers to provide design and 3D modeling support.

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