Zytronic to showcase 40-in curved digital signage kiosk at InfoComm in Las Vegas, NV

Zytronic will be showcasing its digital signage and information display capabilities at InfoComm in Las Vegas, NV, from June 18-20. The centerpiece will be a 40-inch, proof-of-concept digital kiosk.

A waist height (19-inch) Qwerty touchscreen keyboard is included on the same “zero bezel” printed glass interface, with two touch sensors managed by a pair of Zytronic ZXY200 controllers managed by a single PC.

Zytronic will also be showcasing the newest addition to its proprietary MPCT multi-touch projected capacitive product portfolio, the ZXY300. The ZXY300 is a touch controller that provides enhanced improvements in operational performance in ultra-large format (55 inches+) MPCT touchscreens. By combining innovative electronic design with updated firmware, the ZXY300 controller can boost the density of touch data captured by the screen. This significantly increases touch resolution, while still maintaining millisecond response times.

The ZXY300 touch controller is well suited for use in cataloguing and assisted selling in banking and retail applications; car showrooms; interactive exhibits in museums; multi-user design and architectural workstations; as well as in command and control systems in utility or industrial facilities.

The complete range of MPCT sensor sizes currently available have the capacity to support up to 40 simultaneous touch points with a touch separation of <10mm between each point.

For more information, visit www.zytronic.co.uk or visit their booth at InfoComm from June 18-20 in Las Vegas, NV.