World Cup referees don smartwatches during game

Starting with today’s opening match of the World Cup, referees will be sporting a new addition to their uniforms: a smartwatch that will alert them to goals during the game.

This is part of a new “unhackable” goal line detection system that will be implemented starting this year. According to FIFA, part of this goal line detection system includes seven high-speed cameras that are positioned around both goals. Each camera is able to snap 500 shots per second, and they are installed on each of the 12 World Cup stadiums in Brazil.

According to the makers of the GoalControl-4D system, the cameras measure the position of the ball every two milliseconds. Once a ball passes the goal line, within one second the referees’ watches will vibrate and light up with the word “GOAL.”

Despite the advanced technology, the final call will still have to be made by the referee, regardless of what the smartwatch reads.

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