Arduino-powered Samsung Smart Bike has arrived

Samsung Maestros Academy has introduced a new Smart Bike, which integrates smart components within its frame, such as an Arduino module, battery, Bluetooth, four laser projectors, a digital camera, and Wi-Fi, all of which are controlled via a Samsung smartphone which is magnetically mounted on the bicycle.

Many safety features are installed, including a rear view camera that delivers video in real-time, which enables the rider to always see what’s behind them. With four built-in laser beams, the Samsung Smart Bike projects its own bike lane, which allows other drivers to more easily see the bicyclist, even around blind corners. A responsive “safety environment” detects ambient conditions and protects the bicyclist in real-time, by switching on or off the laser beams according to the brightness sensor of the paired smartphone.

Additionally, a GPS system tracks riders’ daily routes and allows users to update local authorities on which popular spots should be converted into actual bike lanes.

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