TI releases version 6 of Code Composer Studio IDE, which offers new features and a simplified user interface

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced version 6 of its Code Composer Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Based on the open-source Eclipse software framework, this latest version of Code Composer Studio includes multiple updates, new features and tools.

The IDE runs on both Windows and Linux Operating Systems (OSs). It is available in multiple license configurations, including several free options. Code Composer Studio is compatible with TI’s embedded processing portfolio, including ARM-based processors, Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), and microcontrollers (MCUs).

New features in Code Composer Studio v6

New to Code Composer Studio IDE v6 are several updates to simplify use and reduce development time:

  • The new innovative and intelligence app center provides the latest features and integrated additional TI software packages for free. Developers have the freedom to install only the features they need at the time of development, and can add other applications if/when needed. Examples include: C compiler for SitaraTM AM335x’s Programmable Real-Time Unit (PRU), C2000 controlSUITE, GUI Composer, MSP430Ware, TI-RTOS, TivaWare, and more.
  • A new “simple mode” enables developers to strip down the User Interface (UI) to essential functionality, which allows new designers to get comfortable with the environment more quickly.
  • Enhanced learning tools such as Optimizer Assistant and Ultra-Low-Power Advisor are provided to improve code size, performance, and power consumption.

Additional features and benefits of Code Composer Studio v6

  • Leverage existing GCC code. In addition to C compiler, Code Composer Studio integrates GCC distributions for MSP430 MCUs, as well as ARM. This allows developers to easily leverage their existing GCC codebase when adopting TI platforms.
  • Utilize latest version of Eclipse to ensure compatibility with newest complementary products offered and make working with Code Composer Studio v6 easier. More than 1,200 third-party plug-ins support product development, including modeling, static code analysis, source code control, and scripting development.
  • Take advantage of Energia, the new integrated open source software framework. Energia provides easy-to-understand APIs; abstracted, intuitive libraries; and an active community. All of these features from Energia enable engineers, makers, and students to easily start creating MCU-based projects and applications. Users can then easily transition from the Energia development environment to the full-featured Code Composer Studio IDE to debug code and utilize other TI software packages.
  • Speed design and troubleshooting with superior code development environment and an advanced editor with features such as code completion, code folding, local history of source changes, markers, and the ability to associate tasks with source lines.
  • Multi-processor debugging intelligently manages status and information from multiple cores without the confusion that arises when each core requires its own separate debugger.
  • Automate common tasks with debug server scripting interface, such as code validation and profiling.

For more information, visit www.ti.com.