Artesyn’s ATCA System Services Framework management suite saves cost, time to market

Artesyn Embedded Technologies has announced the System Services Framework (SSF) system management suite for Artesyn ATCA systems; Artesyn believes this tool could save customers’ time to market by up to 40 percent.

SSF allows users or applications to configure and monitor the hardware and software elements of a single ATCA shelf or across multiple shelves. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables quick viewing of system configuration, alarms, events, as well as providing a means of configuring payload blades and switches, and also managing system access.

Artesyn’s SSF also provides Extensible Markup Language (XML) and command line interfaces so users have access to system controls and parameters. Jim Darroch, Director of Software Marketing at Artesyn Embedded Technologies, states: “Artesyn SSF provides the tools necessary to speed the development process and brings a whole new level of ease-of-operation to ATCA systems.”

Artesyn’s SSF can be enhanced with the use of Artesyn and third party add-on software modules. One of the examples is Artesyn’s ViewCheck, which provides in-service and out-of-service diagnostics of ATCA blades, among other system elements. Another example is Artesyn’s FlowPilot, which provides a complete packet load balancing solution. “By using Artesyn’s System Services Framework and its add-in software modules, our customers can focus on their value-add application. We estimate it can save customers up to 40 percent time-to-market versus writing or porting their own system management software,” adds Darroch.

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