Atmel and Corning join forces on next-gen touchscreens

Atmel and Corning are collaborating to deliver ultra-thin capacitive touchscreens with superior multi-touch performance: Atmel’s XSense flexible touch sensors combined with 0.4 mm Corning Gorilla Glass.

This results in reliable touch performance via thinner flat (or curved) cover glass; the Atmel XSense enables narrower device borders, allowing for a larger viewing space. With this pairing, industrial designers can develop phones, tablets, next-gen car dashboards, and other multi-touch devices with sleeker and lighter touch interfaces.

“[Corning’s] collaboration with Atmel accelerates the move toward thinner cover glass and enables the use of curved touchscreens for our customers designing next-generation applications,” says James Nagel, division Vice President of Program Development for Corning Gorilla Glass, Corning Specialty Materials. “The toughness of 0.4mm and curved Gorilla Glass, coupled with the remarkable touch performance and flexibility of XSense, enables the most exciting consumer experience in the market today.”

“Designers are demanding thinner and lighter touchscreens but cannot compromise on multi-touch performance,” he continues.

A prototype of an Atmel/Corning device will be on display at Computex Taipei in Taiwan, from June 3-7.

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