Quick and reliable cellular M2M connectivity

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions provider Telit Wireless Solutions partnered with M2M product development services integrator NimbeLink to speed up specialized M2M application design. The partnership allows designers to add cellular connectivity to NimbeLink’s Skywire pre-certified embedded modems based on the Telit xE910 family of modules.

NimbeLink Skywire features:

  • Embedded 2G CDMA 1xRTT product
  • Uses Telit CE910-DUAL module with a compact LGA package and SMT form factor pin-to-pin compatible with the xE910 family; allows for systems to be designed once and be deployed globally
  • Modem bundled with CDMA 1xRTT data plans to allow designers to add cellular connectivity without applying for certification
  • Comes with a development kit with cellular modem, baseboard, antenna, power supply, debug cables, and cellular service plan

More info: Telit Wireless Solutions, NimbeLink