Streamline the Production Line

The best of both worlds, integrated access to boundary scan from Agilent ICT machines with the XJLink2 3070. XJTAG announced a completely configurable XJLink2 3070 that fits into one slot on the Agilent i3070 utility card. Multiple systems can be added.

The product facilitates the combination of testing and programming, reducing the number of stages and handling operations. XJLink and XJLink2 are small, portable, USB hardware devices that provide a high speed interface (480Mbps) to the JTAG chain on a circuit board.

The small, lightweight design means the XJLink or XJLink2 can easily be moved to the Unit Under Test (UUT). Advanced features, like their programmable JTAG signal pin position, switchable power supply and auto signal skew, make it easy to connect to a wide range of circuit boards.

Features of the XJLink2-3070:

  • Up to 4 JTAG chain connections to UUT
  • High-speed programming
  • Two different voltages can be configured, from 1.1V to 3.3V
  • TCK clock frequencies up to 166 MHz

More info: XJLink3 3070