Compact outdoor-rated ranging laser scanner for accurate detection, TiM511, released by SICK

SICK has announced the compact TiM551 2D laser scanner, which sends information about its surroundings via Ethernet using time-of-flight technology.

The IP67-rated ranging scanner provides accurate measurement information and reliable object detection regardless of ambient light and surface conditions due to High-Definition Distance Measurement (HDDM) technology, which provides greater precision at longer sensing distances, as well as ambient light tolerance and operating temperature range.

The TiM551 is suitable for both stationary and mobile applications, and can accurately obtain object size and shape information. With its long scanning range of up to 10 meters, one TiM551 scanner can be used for monitoring an area up to 235 square meters. The TiM551 also includes a rotatable M12 connector, which provides easy device connection and replacement.

With a maximum height of 86 mm, the compact size of the TiM551 enables it to easily be integrated into a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, particularly where space is limited. The TiM551 is ideal for building automation, conveyor applications, mobile vehicle, and robotics.

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