Jannal Intelligent Design Environment enables creation and testing of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi embedded systems for RTOS

Clarinox Technologies has announced the release of Jannal Intelligent Design Environment, which enables engineers with little RF experience to quickly create and test Bluetooth and Wi-Fi embedded systems for hardware and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) combinations.

Jannal allows software engineers to quickly select and test the wireless connectivity component of their embedded software, and leads the engineer via an Eclipse-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) through the design phase tasks of plan, create, and test, in order to add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-wireless connectivity to their product.

After selecting the wireless protocol software stack, the designer can choose from a range of RTOS and target microprocessors and see an estimate of the hardware cost and resource implications of the choices made.

“With Jannal Intelligent Design Environment, engineers with limited RF knowledge can plan, create, test, debug and then deploy embedded software to target wireless hardware without the need to learn the entire underlying system architecture,” says Trish Messiter, CEO of Clarinox. “The software helps to manage the inherent complexity within the development process and relieves the developer from much of the distraction that takes the focus away from the end application.”

Clarinox’s Jannal Intelligent Design Environment software will be displayed at Embedded World in Nurnberg, Germany February 25-27.

For more information, visit www.clarinox.com.