Aeroflex announces one-box benchtop LTE-A test mobile base station

Aeroflex Limited has launched the TM500 Test Mobile base station, a one-box benchtop unit that is capable of emulating several thousand LTE User Equipments (UE), fading channel models, and LTE-A carrier aggregation functionality.

The TM500 Test Mobile base station first supported LTE-A carrier aggregation in early 2012, and has since become the industry standard for testing and demonstrating real-world performance of carrier aggregation technology in field environments.

“Carrier aggregation allows operators to achieve the wider channel bandwidths and higher data rates needed to offer true 4G services,” says product manager at Aeroflex, Ngwa Shusina. “The LTE-A features provided by the compact one-box TM500 allow cellular infrastructure vendors to develop carrier aggregation capability and to emulate real network traffic across thousands of terminals, ahead of the widespread availability of real LTE-A handsets,” Shusina continues.

Aeroflex continues to work with infrastructure vendors and mobile operators to develop the latest 3GPP features.

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