Hi-tech GSM/GPS tracker embedded in bicycle taillight can track whereabouts, riding statistics

The Brazilian company Nastek Tecnologia has announced the Yon Bike Lamp, a GSM/GPS tracker that is embedded in a bicycle taillight. Also announced was a technology partnership with Telit Wireless Solutions, who provided M2M modules for the product.

The Telit GL865-QUAD enables the Yon Bike Lamp to communicate over GSM/GPRS and over SMS, by having the user login via a website or from an iPhone or Android phone app. The user can obtain information about the bicycle, such as riding statistics, and its whereabouts, by sending an SMS message to the Yon Bike Lamp. Once it wakes from sleep mode, it responds with a web link to its current location. It is energy-efficient, with a built-in accelerometer that senses when it is not in use and turns itself off to save power.

“The shift towards sustainability of the past few years has caused a lot of people to choose bicycles as a transport alternative, leading to strong market growth,” says Nastek Director of Technology, Lauro Cruz. However, Cruz points out, that as bicycles grow in popularity, so does the risk of theft. That is why the Yon Bike Lamp has security tracking device capabilities.

There are also fitness functionalities in the Yon Bike Lamp, as the accelerometer and GPS systems track riding time and distance, as well as average speeds and calories burned. This information can also be shared on social media in real-time.

Ricardo Buranello, Telit Latin America Director, says, “The Yon Bike Lamp is a product that takes full advantage of M2M technology to address increasing market demand. It is a pleasure to work with innovative minds to develop smart connected devices. I look forward to further collaborating with and witnessing what is to come from companies like Nastek.”

More information: Nastek Tecnologia; Telit Wireless Solutions