Touch-screen displays are a major focus for the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables markets

Cypress Semiconductor’s Cypress TrueTouch controller is the driving technology of the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch, TechInsights has discovered. The Cypress TMA140 controller enables fast, accurate touchscreen navigation for the ToqSW1 model smartwatch.

The Qualcomm ToqSW1 smartwatch can link up to a smartphone via Bluetooth, which enables real-time notifications to be displayed on the watch face.

Joel Martin, GM of TechInsights, says of the Cypress touchscreen technology: “Their touchscreen controller, the TMA140 or more specifically the CY8CTMA140, earned the design win for Capacitive Touchscreen Controller within TechInsights’s recently published Qualcomm Toq report. We believe Qualcomm chose Cypress’s solution given the company’s strong focus on touch accuracy and responsiveness combined with low power consumption.”

Cypress’ TrueTouch technology is a natural fit for wearable electronics, given its best-in-class water resistance, low power consumption, and noise immunity, says Joe Montalbo, VP of the TrueTouch business unit at Cypress.

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