Raima Releases Raima Database Manager 12.0

Raima released version 12 of the Raima Database Manager. RDM 12.0 helps developers deliver greater performance for time-critical applications, extend scalability to greater levels, and be smarter and more secure when sharing data between multiple computers or systems. RDM is available for Workgroup platforms, Embedded platforms and Mobile platforms. Raima Database Manager 12.0 is available now for evaluation.

RDM 12.0 Features

  • Database Cursors
    Allows programmers to have a natural multi-cursor view for navigation, queries and updates
  • Shared Memory Protocol
    Improves performance with same-machine clients through the addition of shared memory as a transport for communication between applications and the Transactional File Server (TFS)
  • Memory Limitation
    Enables programmers to limit or preallocate all memory that the database process will be allowed to use
  • Enhanced SQL Optimization Support
    Improves the performance of certain SQL queries through the inclusion of data distribution statistics for more intelligent execution plan choices
  • New Data Types
    Date/Time/Timestamp, BCD, GUID
  • Larger Key Size Limit
    Lifts the 240-byte limit on key size imposed by earlier versions
  • Bulk insert API
    A new function to efficiently insert an array of records in one call
  • Non-Repeatable Reads
    Allows a new Lockless Read mode that doesn’t interfere with active transaction updates. Great in read only or read intensive environments
  • Encryption
    Rijndael/AES algorithm with support for 128, 192 or 256 bit keys
  • Log Notification API
    Asynchronous notifications between processes delivered immediately after database changes are committed. Can include pre or post images of changed values

More info: Raima Database Manager