ADLINK Technology Debuts PCIe-7360 32-CH High-Speed Digital I/O Card

ADLINK Technology PCIe-7360 32-CH High-Speed Digital I/O Card

ADLINK Technology launched the PCIe-7360 32-CH High-Speed Digital I/O Card. The PCIe-7360 features up to 100 MHz data rate, 400 MB/s throughput, parallel and bi-directional 32-channel high-speed I/O lines and 8-channel application function I/Os. The board is ideal for image performance verification, ADC/DAC testing, digital image transfer to large-scale printer/plotter applications, and digital video recording/playback.

ADLINK PCIe-7360 Features

  • 8/16/24/32-CH at Max. 100MHz for DI or DO; 8/16-CH at Max. 200MHz for DI in external clock mode
  • 400 MB/s maximum throughput
  • Voltage level software selectable from 1.8 V, 2.5 V, and 3.3 V
  • 80-step phase shift in external clock mode
  • Per group (8-bit) input/output direction selectable
  • Support for I2C and SPI programmable serial interfaces for external device communication
  • Flexible handshake and external digital trigger modes
  • 8-channel auxiliary programmable I/O

The ADLINK PCIe-7360′s sampling and updating clock can derive from an internal or external timer pacer. It supports up to 80-step clock phase shift to ensure accurate data sampling and timing updates and prevent invalid timing problems during data transition.

The PCIe-7360 features extra 8-channel programmable function I/O connections, which can be configured to I2C/SPI master, trigger IN/OUT, external clock IN, digital input/output sample clock exporting, and handshake modes to communicate, control, or synchronize with external devices or devices-under-test (DUT). The logic level of both high-speed and function I/O is software programmable and supports three options, including 1.8V, 2.5V, and 3.3V, for the flexibility to direct the interface with external devices and DUT if different logic levels are required.

The new PCIe-7360 I/O card supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP operating systems. The board is fully compatible with third-party software such as LabVIEW and Visual Studio.NET.

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